How is aiming going to be?

Two games I played with somewhat similarities; Strike Vector (online DM shoooter) and Star Conflict.

When you fly your ship, flying is with mouse aiming, as well as just looking around. Firing is mouse aiming but in StrikeVector you can only shoot within a cone. In star conflict if you’re piloting a frigate, the turrets orient toward where your mouse pointer is, and your range is 360°. depending on the location of the turrets you’ll use the ones in line of site. which is pretty cool.

The play style of the 2 games is very different but I think both would do very well in battelscape, because your ship determine your play style.

Both of those games are quite different from Battlescape, especially Strike Vector which is very much an arcade shooter with very limited turn rates.

However, the current understanding is that the interceptor and bomber will have fixed forward weapons, the corvette may have some gimballing weapons, and the capitals will have turrets.

Strike Vector’s turn rates are substantially faster than battlescape’s interceptor at present, @hrobertson. It’s direct mouse control rather than a cursor follow system, has pretty much instant turning (when in hover mode).

Ah, thanks for clarifying. I got my info by watching a couple of videos.