How good is the LOD system right now and gameplay implications

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here is the question
I se lot ov videos about big space games and what really impress me was no mans sky and infinity
but in the videos of no mans sky when you fly to an planet to land on it there comes an time window that clearly shows you the harsh border of the graphical details “LOD” of the game his ship going to glow and the atmosphere get blurry and dusty everything fine but than … BAM… the planet loads a massive bunch of “LOD” stuff and it really annoyed me

the fact the game has so man planets that you need over 500 years to visit them all only 1 sec long is cool but than on the other hand the cant make an smooth streaming of 3d objects and texture resolutions… i hate this !
in Infinity how smooth is the LOD scaling effect ?
how much VRam do i need on my graphic card,so that i dont see LOD Pop ups ?
8GB ? 16 GB ? or 32GB ?

and there is an other problem too.
the LOD options dont effect player/ship models
that mean when someone make the LOD level low he cant see trees/high grass or in space games Asteroids BUT he can see other ships/players behind it… hide and seek or sneaking or long range attack gets broken in games that has this bug/problem.

Our LOD is much smoother than NMS though it isn’t perfect and we of course don’t (currently) have trees or grass. You can judge it for yourself by looking at our many youtube videos which are all recorded in-engine in real-time. Here’s one example:

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1.the video shows me your engine can make planet landing very smooth i must see it 3 time to notice the lod change her nice work.
2.but i also see that this game fotage dont runs over 60fps its very near at 30fps right ? so for smooth vision 60fps is minimum
3.60 fps is minimum because you plan to expand the engine wirh volumetric clouds,water physics,other players in MP,
flora and i think the engine has an solid basis right now but it need much more work to really can beat of othe AAA space games.
4.and here comes my question again how much vram can the engine use ? or must have my Graphic card when the game get gold status in the near future ?

We’re an indie team.


an indie team with an incredible work :blush:
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But an indie team none-the-less. You can lovingly craft a hot rod in your garage from scratch, and it could be a truly excellent vehicle, but at the end of the day it’s still not ever going to be a McLaren P1. Not unless you’re able to come up with the budget to design and build an actual McLaren, at least.

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