[HOTAS]Unable to isolate axis used for radial menus

With the default IB binding configuration, my HOTAS uses the joystick to move the cursor on radial menus. When using this setting, the ship does not turn when the joystick is moved. Pitch/yaw input is suspended, but roll input still works with the menu open. However, when the CursorX and CursorY keybinds are mapped to different axes, whatever an axis normally does still happens when the radial menu is open.

I am using a Thrustmaster T.16000 HOTAS, and other than this issue it is working flawlessly. I’m not sure if I’ve overlooked something in the config, or if there’s actually some hardcoded check to ignore pitch/yaw with the radial menu open (as with virtual navigation). Right now it’s sharing axes with my lateral thrust, which isn’t hugely detrimental. My problem with using the joystick for the radial menu is that after I release the button for the menu, it yeets my heading off into space. At least with lateral thrust, I don’t lose sight of the target (usually)…

I understand HOTAS support isn’t priority, so I’m also open to workarounds. I have keybinds for basically everything that appears in the radial menus except for comms, so I’m not really suffering. I’ve seen the “special mode” bind, but have no idea what it does. Doesn’t seem to use the ship special abilities like warp jam, mine launcher, or scan. If there’s a way to bind those functions I wouldn’t need radials at all.

Any advice is appreciated! I am loving the game and can’t wait to see what i-Novae does with it next

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With the help of someone on Discord, I managed to get my TrackIR working with the game and I’m using it to control the radial menus and headlook. This introduces a fun behavior where the Y axis is inverted in the menus, but it’s a workaround!

With this setup, headlook does not happen while the radial menu is open, so I’m not sure what to think about pitch/yaw potentially being selectively ignored when the menu is open. I’m not super chuffed about it since I can just invert the axis in Windows, but I’m sure I’ll be screaming later about neck pain after spamming mines. (lol)

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