HOTAS Profiles Compilation

Until such time as there are in-game profiles for every HOTAS, dual stick, or other peripheral set up that’s out there, this thread is going to be a compilation of custom profiles.

I just use KB+M, so I personally can’t contribute much to this thread, but if you have a working profile, please do post it below. I’ll update the OP as needed to included yours.

This thread has a lot of useful info:

To use these profiles download them as “.xml” files and drop them in this folder:

C:\Users<Your User>\Documents\I-Novae Studios\Infinity Battlescape\Profiles

After a start/restart of the game they should then be visible and selectable ingame. You can also edit them in the keybindings menu under options.

Also see this thread for more details of using and manually editing profiles: Keybindings Configuration and Workarounds

X52 Pro:

X-Box Controller

Thrustmaster Warthog w/ Rudder Pedals (Works with following two profiles)

FreePIE Script

VoiceAttack Profile


Thrustmaster Warthog with Rudder Pedals and with vjoy/FreePIE/TrackIR

FreePIE Script

VoiceAttack Profile

All these files work together in Infinity Battlescape.


Thanks @Grimleo! :smiley:

I realized I can set the OP as a wiki page, so anybody can edit.

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Here are three generic Profiles:

Generic Joystick

Generic Joystick for Strafing

Generic Dualstick HOSAS

(Rightclick and “Save As” on link to download as file)
(They all include QWERTY secondaries)

Would be glad for feedback on how they work before including them in the OP. I tried them myself but have limited hardware. Pitch / Yaw / Throttle should be in sensible positions and buttons should be workable.

Edited the profiles for the newest beta patch. The profiles also had mistakes in them which I tried to clean up as well as make them all consistent.

Twist is generally “yaw” like in most other games.

Will add my “3Dconnexion Space Mouse Pro” profile(s) in a separate post once I figure out working workarounds for the “Switchover Mode” with the current present bugs.

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