Horrible news from Paris today

For those who haven’t heard yet…
The Gaurdian Article
God speed for parisians tonight


I think this is why I’m never proud of humanity. Without government and morals, we’re all just smarter, brutal chimpanzees.

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Heh. With governments and morals, we’re still just smarter, more brutal chimpanzees. Morals vary from group to group, and ISIS/Hezbollah/etc. are just the most recent members of society’s organized psychopaths. It’s not restricted to any one ideology, race, or economic status: people are terrible.


Exactly. Even though most governments and morals keep order, there’s still Stalinism, radical islam, etc etc. Before, we were killing each other for food and mates. Now, we kill each other for glory and god.

Pft, people kill each other for a lot less than that.

Anyways, terrible news. :frowning:

france is huge gun free zone. expect more blood next year. how do you feel now? in my country people dies from war every day. when your country take part in war you should be ready for such things.

Which country are you from?

try to guess. we are in the border of EU and already lost 15% of territory. i do not want to bring politics in to this forum but EU should prepare to war in their homes. i think moderators should close this topic. this tragedy is france own business. if you can help do not post jealous topics on game related site. it will neither help france nor infinity.

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Jealous topics? There is nothing to be jealous of in a terrorist event. The thread is wishing the best for those who will have to deal with the carnage and its aftermath, and lamentation of the human condition.

If that offends you, then I would strongly advise avoiding the internet, because that’s about as nice as the internet gets.

people who will have to deal with all this do not give a shit about your topics. especially ones who kiled or injured. if you wish the best its ok. if you talk everywhere how you wish its not ok. if you do not have any kind of interst in organizing REAL help just shut up please. i suspect i do not offend you mighty internet warrior?

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Im guessing hes ukrainian…


I’m going to retry this a bit more peacefully. You’re free to not like what is posted. But it’s not right for you to attack another person because they’re sharing their opinions. I don’t like what you’ve said, and I certainly don’t care for your logic of “If you’re not helping IRL you shouldn’t even talk”.

While listening to people talking about what needs to be done and not doing it, is very annoying. You’ve no right to attack someone because they disagree with you.

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His argument is more of a “I don’t want to see you talking, you should be doing” type of thing. But in the end it’s not much more then a blatant attempt to censor someone.

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You should probably actually read people’s posts, however silly, before saying they approve of terrorism.

He is probably annoyed that this would get a topic when other, similar tragedies are ongoing in his own home but dont get discussed due to global politics. There are a lot of europeans on this forum though, and news about france is perhaps more relevant to people who might create a topic. Unfortunately, not every tragedy attracts attention proportional to their objective importance, and that’s just something @drzerg should learn to deal with without lashing out.

The old forum used to have rules disallowing political discussion. I wouldnt mind them returning, honestly.


OK. maybe you don’t know much about this concern. The ISIS terrorists come from Sausi Arabia initially where they spread the terror across irak, destroying very important cultural stuff. then they went on riesd destroyed huge buddah statues and so on. they want an islamic county over the area where after the ww1 all the new countries were made, including irak, jerusalem, jordane, and the turks in the middle east. they are very radical and all which convert not to islam they do things like capping hands and feet off with chainsaw etc.

now there is a large refugee stream coming to europe from syria because there is war with them in the country.

this threat is very real.

(sorry for my bad language)

just a bit politics

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@Earthslug I have flagged your post as inappropriate. Please consider editing it.

As @mattk50 says, @drzerg is just expressing his annoyance at the abundance of effortless ‘support’ that means nothing. People across the Internet are posting pictures of the Eiffel Tower with some random quote… what does that do to console a victim? Nothing. It just feels like a big “look at us we’re supporting” circle jerk.

I don’t doubt that @joshuakuehn merely posted to make people aware if they weren’t already, however that was perhaps inadvisable.

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Quite a few here knew that something like that would happen sooner or later. You don’t hear it much, but “suspect arrested trying to prepare a terror attack” was barely news anymore, and several different major terror groups specifically threaten France, for example.

If you are Ukranian, that’s fun because most of the French do actually side with the Ukranian, though the government is trying for the cautious approach (and has quite a lot on its plate already, as you can see); and it got relatively major media coverage.
I doubt my personal opinion on such a complex, sensitive issue is really that interesting, of course

However, if they think I’ll get frightened by a bunch of assholes who had so little to do with their life they chose the easiest coward way out…
Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go check if I can donate some blood.

That’s an interesting point. We didn’t talk about the terror attack in Kenya not so long ago, for example.
Maybe it’s because some of us are living in Paris or at least know the city?

Sure man. Was not intending to offense anyone.
I misunderstood the guy.

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You’ll have to explain to me how it would be inadvisable.

In fact if anything drzerg’s first post in this thread was a giant fuck you statement of “you should’ve seen it coming” which was inadvisable. Even if you take into account his obvious non-native english typing.

And this is exactly what bothers me the most every time it happens. People is shocked when a drama arrives in their country, but don’t care that a thousand of drama at best as horrible as this one arrive in the rest of the world every year. I live in France, but I don’t feel french, I feel at least earthling, and I am a little sad for families of people killed, but not more than when African people die in Mediterranean sea because my country don’t want to assume its past errors.

And the politics are talking about war, acting authority, looking for a culprit, not seeing that we are all guilty, politics and people. Politics by giving reasons to terrorists to exist, people by doing nothing.

I know this opinion attract haters against me, always, but don’t care, that what I think. I think terrorists are humans, like victims, and each is part of the ignorance that governs the world, as it governs my giving feeling. If I could know all, I think I would not have feelings…

that’s why I need space games, to escape from this giant confusing world thinking there’s good people, and mad people.