Hi, I'm cycoboy

Hey, I figured I’d introduce myself. I’ve been following the development of Infinity for a couple of years now and I made an account later last year, but I never got around to actually involving myself with the community. I figured later is better than never and that it’s a pleasure to meet you all! Can’t wait to see all of you in game!


Hi cycoboy! Welcome to the forums!

Welcome, we can’t wait to see you in game either!

Thanks a ton, Keith! Nice to meet you, I’m glad you guys haven’t given up despite some of the setbacks you guys have experienced. Also thanks Everglade!

I’m just going to add my welcomes to you! Have fun posting here :slight_smile:

[spooky voice]Go tooo the Describe the User Above in Three Words thread… You will make a post there…[/spooky voice]

Welcome to the forums!