Hey there! Old fan returning :)

Hi there, I’m Lux, and I used to frequent the old “Infinity: The Quest for Earth” forums, so I’m not really sure what happened there…I just tried to log in one day and saw that everything was just being rebuilt.

I was the player formerly known as Legato, but I don’t expect any of you to remember me; the mark I made during my time on the forums was brief, to say the least, and I tried to reclaim my old account, but higher forces seem to have prevented me from using it again. Oh well.

I think I was a member of the Explorer’s Guild (or at least, my name was on the roster), so if that’s still around, it’d be nice to hook up with those guys again xD.

Also, I’ve been a vocal member of communities that support some other indie projects, so I’m happy to offer any guidance on how to approach Kickstarters and what happens if they fail etc., because I’ve already seen it happen, and seen the rebound.

If you need a heads up, feel free to ask xD

So yeah, see you around guys!

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Welcome back, thanks for the offer for guidance!

I remember you, welcome back.

I greet you with cornbread-spinach-gorilla blankets!