Hello, which package i need to pledge?

Hi, i am Niyazi Gokalp, im an industrial designer and i am owner of a cartoon vfx studio. Im from half from United Kingdom and half from Turkey. I am an old fan of “infinity engine” since first tech demo was relased. (since 2009 or 10 or something)

I waited years for testing this engine with a little demo or playable something, and showed all my friends that video for helping it to get known in Turkey but i had to stop for waiting because nothing was happening for many years. Now i see somethings happening really promising right now and i am soo glad and looking for the finally playing it :smiley:

Can you tell me that how can i join to alpha acces to your servers and play with you guys ? I want to make a Turkish video about for promoting it and boost it. And maybe help you to design a couple ships or somethings as much as i can.

Sorry for my bad english, i am still working on it. :slightly_smiling:

Thank you for advance .


Hello Niyazi, welcome back!

These are exciting times, yes! The prototype shown at the end of last year will probably be released this weekend to Dev Access Tier Backers.

You haven’t backed the KIckstarter, have you?
If not you can pledge here.
If you have you should rather wait for an oportunity to up your pledge in the coming weeks.

If that is too expensive for you, you can pledge one of the lower tiers.

Dev Access estimated release 27. February 2016
Alpha estimated release Oktober 2016
Beta estimated release April 2017
Gold estimated release September 2017


So if i pledge to dev. access one, can i play and show the game to my community ? is it playable now ?

Thank you.


Yes, yes and yes.


Thats really cool bruh :slight_smile: So you are the one who claimed that? Whish i can afford it too, but as a Turkish, dolar is 3.5x is bigger than Turkish liras for us. So when you calculate how hard to earn money in Turkey you can multuply this amout with 5x :smiley:

Imagine you paid 550 x 5 = 2.750 usd for it :slightly_smiling:

Hope you get me lucky man :slightly_smiling: (because of lack of my english)