Hello Everybody!

Well after months of being not allowed to post due to a bug in the forums. Im back ! My old forums nickname was juanmanuelsanchez, I used to do some of the textures for the old ships. Sadly I dont think any of my work will be used. But its nice to see some advances in the whole community.

NIce to see some of the old faces.

Im back !


Welcome back! Always nice when people return to the community :smile:

Good to see you again juan!

Couldn’t post due to bug as in Blank page after login?.. Months? :open_mouth:

Infinity is like a chronic disease that you can never get away from, everyone always comes back :wink:

Welcome back juan.


Welcome back, nice to see you again!

Hi there Juan, good to see you around!

Welcome back dude!

Hi there @juanmanuelsanch !

Welcome back!

Welcome back, Juan!