Has anyone thought about putting together a Podcast...?

I admit, I’m a bit of a podcast junkie and theres nothing better than hearing passionate people talk for hours on end about the things they love!

The likes of Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous both have dedicated podcasts and they really bring the community together, from interviews with devs to fan fiction, speculation etc…

Now me personally, I don’t have the skill set, equipment or time to produce a podcast but has the thought occurred to anyone else out there? I for one would love to hear peoples views and expectations of the game as well as some of the history that I-Novae and Flavien have been through on their road to success. Being new to the community, and I know I’m not alone, this would be a great resource for people in my position to get up to speed!

Anyway, just a thought. What do you guys think?


Super idea!

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It’s a good idea, but it should be left for when there will be something to discuss on.

I’ve followed for over two years a bimensual LoL podcast before they decided to stop. When there was little to no game update / competition / particuliar news to comment, the podcasters were good enough to put some show and make it somewhat interesting. This happened only once or twice and the result was definitely boring. Where it not for them, it would have been dead boring.

Don’t go down yet that road until you’re sure there will be content to discuss, not just text walls that were good enough for pre-KS.

Boring for you doesn’t necessarily mean it is boring for everyone. We should be encouraging Fan generated content, not discouraging it. In fact, one of the underlining problems with KS was a complete lack of Fan generated content and PR by the developer. I remember when Star Citizen first got started and there were tons of fan generated content even though the Hangar wasn’t even released yet! This is because the developer and supporters didn’t discourage fans…

Of course Infinity Battelscape could continue with the status quo of under the radar development and ignoring enthusiasm but I think KS proved this is the wrong way to go…

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We have a lot of fan generated content. We just aren’t that many.

I’m not discouraging fan content, I’m merely pointing pout the obvious.
Scratching each others back on fan content is all well and good, but when you have no official content to discuss… Well, the podcast does loose its original purpose, don’t you agree?
Also, I fail to see how a podcast, which is supposed to be purely oral, can solely rely on description of fanarts (as modding is barely showing yet)?

All I say is: wait at least for the early dev access to show up.

As for the “under the radar development”, fanart usually doesn’t help that much for making a product known. As you said, fanart is generated from people already knowing the original content, not the other way around.

If anyone does start an Infinity podcast I’m happy to be a talking head and help with production. I can probably come up with quite a few show ideas and topics, there’s a fair bit of content to choose from, especially as quite a few of us will have dev build access early next year. I don’t have the resources or experience to run a podcast myself however.


We are good in discussing, we never ever needed a lot of dev “official” content to do that. :smile:

I think transporting the discussions happening on the forums into a podcast format would be one idea to bridge some time, wouldn’t be that hard and quite interesting when there isn’t any new “official” stuff to discuss.


Actually no I don`t agree. First we aren’t talking about fanart but a Podcast. And you would be surprised what people can accomplish with very little; sometimes they can be very creative and innovative. They may even come up with things you haven’t thought of. Shutting down enthusiasm is self-defeating; we are all adults here, if it gets boring or they give up, at least they tried. What’s more, the people that signed up want to reinvigorate the project…let them try.

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Couldn’t agree more! I would be more than happy to contribute. :grinning:

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I’d be happy to participate in a podcast ^^