Happy Chinese New Year!

Today is the Chinese new year, Chinese new year will bring good luck!SO,GOOD LUCK EVERONE!!!:grin:


As my mother once said to me.


Happy angry Chinese mother day.



What I said was meant to be taken playfully not as a sad thing.

I agree with you!BUT
China was subjugation by barbarians since 360 years ago, recover our lost country since 100years ago!Now we lost our almost total culture of native nations ! In the current government propaganda that most people don’t even know about the subjugation! Of course, Our chinese people are in a period of Cultural Renaissance, like the western renaissance!!But the process will be slow and painful!:sweat:

My english is so-so! So don’t mind if grammar is not correct:grin:

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From my understanding I’d say cultural repression. As in my moms generation of schooling they didn’t teach history because. “It’s in the past why do you care?” But yeah it’s interesting to look at china and see what the people are trying to do.

As far as I’m aware, China is attempting to undergo a massive education reform (which will take decades to implement fully) in order to modernize. This would fully be required as the current means of education is entirely inadequate to keep pace, despite the intensity.

I’ve heard all about the current education from both Chinese friends and my now ex-girlfriend (and still very good friend) whom I spent a month in south/south-west China with (and still, all I can say is “thank you” and “you’re retarded” [the later because I’ve been called it so many times]); and none of them have anything nice to say, which is a direct correlation to why many come to Australia as our education, in their words, is so much better as to be unable to compare the to… The difference of “this is the question, this is the answer” (China) and “this is the question, what is your answer?” (Australia).

My time in China was amazing, the cities (Dali, Lijiang… Many others) were gorgeous (if trashy, but I hear that’s undergoing change) and the people were generally very friendly (they do stare a lot though)… But the separation between rich and poor was evident not only the my money gap seen in many other countries, but also a sense of “superiority” that those without money are below those who are with. This was confirmed by my ex-girlfriend who went on to great lengths about her hatred of the current social-system (with many explicit words)…

Of course all of this is first or second hand, however I haven’t lived in China for any extended period of time and my second hand knowledge, I’m sure, is biased for the upper middle and upper classes of China leaving the lower income voices unheard by myself. If anyone could shed some light I’d be interested to have a read.

About your viewpoint of “education”,“the separation between rich and poor” ,I totally agree!
Unfortunately,the education reform started since 30 yesrs ago seemed totally failed! A lot of new generation in china just want money and money is everything! Parents and even schools think that education is just the necessary skills to the students’ like computer, electric welding, cooking, etc. NO MORALITY ! NO FAITH!

HOWEVER , I said the “cultural renaissance” above is not the china government promoted but the nongovernmental!we want to recover our lost culture of native nations since 360 years ago when china was subjugation by barbarians!2/3 people were slaughtered ,Seventy million!!! And culture was completely destroyed by aggressor!
I wish I can put a pic to you to see what is the china culture of native nations is ! Of cause! Google “hanfu” see wiki.:wink:

I’m sorry to say that much about the “cultural renaissance” is far beyond me. I have no learning on the topic and no knowledge to make any kind of statement or argument. This sounds like a topic I should discuss with my ex (who loves nothing more than to talk about Chinese history whilst criticizing the government).

I know exactly what you mean by “A lot of new generation in china just want money and money is everything!” though. The best quote I’ve heard is: “They’re so poor; all they have in life is money”.

your revering here to the opium war right?
I’m curious what you know about it.
just to see what is thatched.
its seems internationality a forgotten war.
one that had big repercussions and still has today.
people just don’t realize it.
what interest me the most is the first ten years.

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Happy New Year !