Happy and Dedicated!

Hi All,

Only a few people in the community will know me as I’ve kept my head down from the community. I’ve been following this entire project since 2008 when I first heard about it. I immediately added the site to my favourites and have been checking the site and reading all the community posts everyweek since then.

I’m very happy to see that finally the I-Novae engine is coming to life, and soon too hopefully Battlescape (and maybe even the Quest for Earth in time), with more and more information.

I’m hoping to get to know more people within the community and will look forward to playing the future games with you all.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and have that you all have a fantastic New Year as well as 2014 is going to be a good year :smile:



Ahoy Mr Gibbs.

Nice to see you showing your face here at last! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Aha, indeed Topper. I thought as the site is now starting to grow, including the community, that I’d start getting to know more other than yourself and the other in PHX :smile:

Good jorb. Take a banana bread, mate. :bread:

Welcome aboard. Wish I’d thought of making a thread with this title as an Xmas present for the devs :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to see a happy post to see in the New Year! Indeed, let’s keep wishing them luck (and throwing money at them when we get the chance) and see what happens in 2014!

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I am also a Lerker. Let all the Lerkers come out from hiding and make a post in this thread!

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I’ve also come back to lurk! I hope to see lots of inspiring videos of this engine, and hopefully more development journals like in the old forum. I miss those. Flavien :wink:

Indeed, the game looks beautiful. I’m showing to a lot of people, and we’re just waiting to get our hands on some more videos or even hopefully access to the alpha/beta.

I do miss the old journals ;D

sigh I find it a pain in the neck to have to defend procedural game engines anywhere… it seems everywhere I go on the internet to share my fascination and excitement about procedurality, someone pulls it down.
I’m a backer of Star Citizen, as I do look forward to it on its own merits. But there’s a thread about I-Novae on their forum (in the Subscriber’s Den), and everybody there seem to be under some kind of delusion that CIG can do seamless planetary entries and vast planets using the Cryengine 3. I am not an engine programmer, but I do think that is a delusion. AFAIK the Cryengine 3 does not have the ability to procedurally generate awe inspiring terrain as I-Novae can. So even if they could have an entire 1:1 planet, they would have to build up all the terrain manually.

Anyone else noticed this intense resistance or hesitancy to accept procedural generation as a way forward?

To my mind, procedurality IS the future of games design. Because, all of the arguments against it are usually straw men arguments. They will claim that it will be too vast that it will be empty and boring. I mean, even in such a vast engine as I-Novae, you could theoretically STILL build a tightly controlled and scripted single player storyline… just like any other space game out there. The difference would be, a far better visual and immersive experience.

I tried to explain on that thread that we can still appreciate I-Novae, even if Star Citizen is being made for Cryengine 3… which I am fine with. We can appreciate BOTH - for their own merits. But these people on that forum are total fan boys.

Meh… fan boys are irrational players. :stuck_out_tongue:


Always good to see more lurkers crawl out of the woodwork, nice to see signs of a far deeper continued interest in Infinity than what bubbles over on the surface.

Should be an interesting time here over the next few months.