Guys which cms you use for these forums?

I really, really like it. Its insanely clean and convenient.

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We use Discourse:

big respect, thank you.

Well that’s a pleasant change from the initial ‘It’s ugly, I hate it, kill it with fire!’ responses.


It does sorta grow on you, though.

Or maybe that’s just me.

some people used same words for books in europe some time ago

It’s ugly, I hate it, kill it with fire.

Feel better now?

It isn’t themed yet unfortunately, it’d look a lot better with some sci-fi-ish elements :slight_smile: Unfortunately Keith is already busy enough with the website and later on, the KS, so I don’t think we can theme it before the KS campaign, but eventually we’ll improve it :slight_smile:

Blaaaaaaaack! :blush:

[====D )pewpewpew **** *{][][][]D WEVE been HIT!!!

There, space stuff.

Honestly, people too often go overboard trying to emphasize sci-fi by slapping on flashy glowing graphics and textured backgrounds and such. cough cough

While their site is actually very nice and put together really well, I can’t help but associate those sort of themes to the futuristic skins we used to put on Windows Media Player and Winamp etc, which just makes it seem childish and, for lake of a better word more befitting of the current decade, lame.


All this forum needs is a black/dark background. This whole “staring at a light-bulb” look is what annoys me about it.

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