Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Anyone here still playing Guild Wars 2?

In particular, does anyone play on the Northern Shiverpeaks server? If so, does anyone fancy linking up?

Yaks Bend here.

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Sea of Sorrows.
Not that I’ve been playing much lately.

Aww man. That’s a shame. We should get together for the Halloween stuff somehow. Are you guys playing with others on those servers? I think first transfers are still free.

When I played it back in November, I borrowed it from a colleague. Loved the gameplay :smile: , had no-one to play with :(.

I wonder if when I buy it will it be possible to transfer my character from another account. :?

It’s worth finding out. I’d love to actually be able to play with people again :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a shame though, you just missed out on a GW2 sale…

Nah, didn’t bother with GW2 in a long time. They haven’t released any content i care about. All i see is vanity, weapon skins and holiday events and no actual progression content.

It was fun while it was fresh, but eventually you just keep covering the same ground and the only new content, like frag971 said, is just for events.

That’s why I keep jumping to new MMOs to revitalize the experience. I’m really looking forward to Wildstar, and hopefully ArcheAge, if the western development actually pulls through.

The game’s only just been out a year. I’m sure at some point they’ll release a decent amount of additional content.

I’m hoping, the ‘living story’ content has been a bit below par for me, but I’m addicted to WvW. That’s what keeps me coming back.

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I loved WvW in the beta, but the server I ended up on is a bit shit at WvW :frowning:

Blafkjs;ldfka. Managed to get my account hacked this weekend, apparently my warrior is going around emptying the Guild Vault. Time to spend a week with support. Whyyyyyyyyyyy.

Ah, that sucks :frowning:

I must be doing it wrong, is it really true that I cannot contact NCSoft without having already bought Guild Wars 2? Even in Account support they demand that I provide a key. :?

Oh any email address does the trick. I got the answer, Nope, NCSoft says that accounts cannot be combined or characters moved from one to another. Sucks more for them than for me. :stuck_out_tongue: