Get To Know You Game

I don’t know if this is an appropriate thread or not, but I have been toggling an idea that me and a friend have made up getting to know new people/each other (outside of the really horrible NSFW movie game we play, this one is pretty tame and you get to learn a lot about a new person).

Game goes like this. I ask you a question, you answer with as much as you feel free to talk about, and ask another question for anyone below you to answer. This keeps going and we ask all sorts of questions and who-ever wants to answer.

I’ll go first:

What was one of your biggest childhood dreams? Did you accomplish it yet?


Design a robot and/or mech. Well kinda, I worked on the robotics team in the design/animation department at high school level, and my work won regionals, but I was never the tip top of the class so I didn’t get to play with the robot itself much.

What was one of your biggest fears as a child, and did it change or are you still afraid of it?

That big red button that launched all the nukes. I was born 1971 and grew up with the knowledge that a simple misunderstanding could end the world.
I’m getting too old to really be afraid of things now, but what I really dislike is the ultranationalists gaining political strenght in many countries again. That didn’t end too well last time.

Whats the biggest mistake you ever made?

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I felt in love with a girl since I was 11 and immediately assumed that it could not be reciprocal, but never stopped to love her (and I’ll never stop have feelings, even if…), and realized fifteen years after that I was wrong, when it had indeed become impossible because I was now married to a wonderful women and father of an incredible child, that I cannot give up to catch up with my mistakes.

It was pretty much devastating to discover that I created the impossibility. At the moment, I though I was going to become crazy, to have to choose between my ultimate dream of child and my current life, but when I tried to make this choice, it was clearly impossible to be so selfish. I choose to not hurt my wife and not to ruin the life of my incredible 2 years old daughter, that is the world to me. For her, I can only hope that she understood and that I didn’t ruin or impact too much her life with my mistake…

I don’t know what to think of this part of my life, as the biggest mistake I ever made, made possible the existence of my daughter, that is now the most important thing in my life…

If you could change one thing in your past, what would it be ?


This is a hard question for me; I believe everything I’ve done has set me afoot on an adventure full of surprises, so there’s no “mistakes”… just things “not going as planned”.

If I could change one thing, I guess it would be not going to University early. I would have stayed behind and gone to community college. I needed the time and self-reflection to figure out who I wanted to be without the pressure of knowing it RIGHT then. I felt rushed and made a lot of hasty decisions on very loose understanding of the world.

On the flip side, because of those hasty decisions, I was sent on a rollercoaster of adventure and surprise. Everything came to me not as a pre-disposed package of, “you know who you are, this is what you want to do”, and more of a development of a person. It became an adventure of meeting who I was going to become. I went to so many states and gained so much knowledge all over the board, on a quest to find what stuck. If it wasn’t for that uncertainty and unknown, there’s a likeliness I would have the excitement, the adventure, the novelty of the surprise of knowing where I was meant to be.

That’s what I would change. But would I change it, if I had the power to? No. Not in a million years.

What is your favorite holiday? Why is that your favorite holiday? And if you don’t have a favorite holiday, what was your win for the week? It could be many, big or small.

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