[GEN.I] Genesis Industries - Reunion Thread

Until otherwise noted, this thread is just to see who among us is from Genesis Industries. Check in or say hello.

Personally, I always felt confident about Gen.I. We had a good, loyal officer base and a lot of talented people ready to sign up. But alas, real life has taken over. I hope there will be a way to make it work once the game is released. I would like to see a lot of those old members again.

Heh, we used to play Wasteland Warriors as a form of team-building. Not sure how effective it was, but it was definitely fun. The game never made it to full release and I’m pretty sure the company went under. Oh well.


Oh, wait… Wrong “jenny”.

[color=#FF9900]* Kichae coughs[/color]

Carry on then.


Wait, this isn’t the Gen.1 industries page…

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Present and lurking…and waiting…

Still alive. Checking in every once and a while.

Standing by!

Still here, still waiting - ready to spring into action, assuming real life doesn’t get in the way :wink:

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I’m pretty sure I used to be a member of this corp. :wink: It’s been a long time, but I distinctly recall discussing combat tactics in a fully Newtonian environment on the Genesis Industries forums.

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Never challenge an Australian to a wasteland car fight.
Also, hi.

Haha, yeah. It was like Thunderdome in there. How’s life, Sal? Glad to see you’re still poking your head around.

Do I count as a member?

Weren’t you already a member?

I was in Gen.1, totally different.

Hey, welcome back guys, it’s been a while

lmao Gen.1, I forgot about that. What was the deal with it, anyway? I think it confused a lot of people.

Nice to see you again, Topperfalkon!

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Few if us still around? :sunny:

@Steel, show yourself!

Just a tongue-in-cheek corp that allegedly made cheap knockoff products, with similar branding to try to fool people.

Like cheap chinese crap you can get nowadays.

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Remember, genesis is skynet. Just kidding. Thumbs up for your corporation

Meh. I think I’ve turned into the angry ‘get off my lawn’ old person over the past few years though.

All the more anger to focus on your enemies in the heat of battle. Muahah but really that’s kinda crappy. What caused that? You have a steady job and a house and whatnot?