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At least it’s green: Solar power FTW.


Note the big yellow radiation symbol just under the solar panels…


Erm… *technically* solar power is nuclear… yeah…


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another project but this time with a tech demo and seemless transitions :slight_smile:


Approved by famous scientists :smiley:



Another KS game, this one looks like it will turn out alright, been looking forward to it.

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Beyond Good and Evil 2 looks good.
Clouds look great but when I went back to look, I saw that at 10:33 - 38 the cloud ahead just disappeared.

I’m jealous of their real-time orbits. Sad that I:B can’t have them yet. I guess BGAE 2 being singleplayer/coop hugely simplifies matters.

I’m interested to hear what @INovaeFlavien and @INovaeKeith make of it.

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I haven’t seen enough to render an opinion just yet, I’ve only watched one little play-through video.


It’s not as purty.


Apparently, Homeworld Cataclysm (renamed Emergence because trademark laws hate you) is out on GOG.
The purely RTS gameplay side may be perfectible, but as a narrative videogame, it’s probably one of the best RTS ever.

Here is an article about one of the most badass dialogs ever in videogames:

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That is AWESOME. I’m buying it now. :smiley:

I’ve never played the game to completion, though I gave it the old college try. It would go to less than 1 fps for about ten seconds, then a few precious seconds to issue commands, then another lagfest. Probably a memory leak, but I never found a work around.

I do have the nice big box edition, though. Back when games came in big boxes and big printed manuals.


I wouldn’t bother. At the end it is says is is coming to “computer and mobile”. Mobile? Well, that’s that game buggered then.

Kingdome Come: Deliverance looks like it could be great. I was one of the Kickstarter backers and have access to the “Beta” that never was, a poorly performing cut of the game from a year-ish before it was even made available to us. Still looking forward to it though, it has the finest first person sword combat I’ve ever played.


Oooooooohoooooooo, bargain! Got this on PS3 but it was a bit slow - dying to play it on my PC with faster hardware!

Gotta love a Steam sale when it comes down to £3.19. :smiley: (Until July 5th)

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor on Steam


I’ve been watching some YT footage of Cold Waters, one by a chap who used to serve on a US submarine. Really immersive stuff.

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Anyone know how it compares to Silent Hunter 3?


About Homeworld Cataclysm, I recently realised while watching let’s play that actually, I find the French voice actors better.
Don’t get me wrong, the English voice actors are mostly decent, with some great moments from the main character. But somehow, I found the French dubbed lines being generally more consistently well-delivered, and sometimes with slight improvements in translation. Special mention to the voices of those falling victim to the Beast of the Beast shudder
The Beast sounds very different, though, and may be an exception there.

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Android mobile game made by my little brother while recovering in the hospital. Its a flipper game.

Note the no mans sky joke in the description. :joy:


just seen this one on steam, its older, but looks interesting… with neat artstyle.

Super Open Diamond Chest