Gameplay suggestions and you


A large influx of new people will likely push the forums very far in the other direction. Perhaps a post like this can make that middle ground.


your other points:

  1. Ansered I think?

  2. As I said, people aren’t going to hold off on making threads about their gameplay ideas until an alpha build is realised, so why should you hold off on creating prototypes for your ideas until an alpha release? Also putting the work in to make a prototype would give you several orders of magnitude more credibility and support for your ideas than just typing some wall of text. Anyone can type walls of bullshit, but how many can deliver the goods?

  3. I can’t think of any gameplay features that revolve around persistance. But there are pletny of features that don’t depend on others that you could make a prototype for. There’s a thread right now about the damage models that ships could use. Damage to subsystems, and the hull, ect. You could prototype that without having to make any assumptions about whether persistence will be a feature of the final game or not.

I don’t want to discourage people from having ideas, I just want more people to appreciate how difficult sofware development can be.

If you have an idea, and you care about it, then put the work in.That’s reasonable. Otherwise we might as well be sitting here writing walls of text that don’t matter, while sucking each other’s dicks. I didn’t sign up for and neither did you. You want to see this project get realized, and so do I.


Unreal Tournament is doing that “prototype stuff as a programmer and show us that it works” thing. It is quite a good system.

Words only show so much, and having something prototyped for UT to see how it really works and what’s good/bad really helps sell the idea.


Wow, that escalated quickly. Seems you can be quite corrosive after all, though we don’t know each other.
Let’s hold on to “sucking each others dicks” until we get to know better each other, hmm ? :smile:

Sure thing. I can already see that in my everyday work, being myself a modest programmer. I also see some people who think of themselves as “programmers” and I end up cleaning up after them because it doesn’t work properly. So maybe my thoughts were biased, true.

Actually, the ones that will end developping the idea is not you, it’s not me, it’s the dev team from INovae. However good your prototype looks like. Unless the mod tier is acheived with the KS, which is another story.
So yeah, a schema (or a prototype in this case) can be much more explicative then a wall of text… then again, you can more easly describe what needs to be done first, then go about the prototype. You know, say what you do, do what you say, being ISO, that kind of stuff.

Ha yes, as an end note: yes, I was grumpy and somewhat of a killjoy. No need to be such an arrogant and insulting b…ear :wink:

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