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Basically, it’s a mix of Planetside and CS:GO in space.

Up to (;P) hundreds of players will duke it out, with three factions to choose from. The goal is to capture bases and stations, in order to secure resource generation. There will be large NPC haulers transporting resources from base to base to funnel those resources to where they need to be. Players will use those resources to buy ships and equipment.

And that’s basically all that is set in stone. Most other deeper gameplay elements will evolve as the game develops. The devs have a good idea of where they want to go, and the people here (myself included) have offered many o’ walls of text to offer their ideas.


We don’t know much about the base capture mechanic either yet.

I’m hoping it will be like a “king of the hill” game for each base with a capture timer that counts down while a controlling number of ships are within a radius of the facility.

Totally broke out Starfox64 on the good old console the other day… kinda like this then?


Delat iz muhi slona Делать из мухи слона ! :slight_smile:

Довольно хорошо
Ковчег, Раки, Хатч.
Разная игра в битве - отличный «царь холма», захват флага, тактический с низкими ресурсами, полное уничтожение »
Хороший синтез.
Пожалуйста, продолжайте распространять и отбрасывать свой идеал, сообщество моддинга установит любимый режим, когда двигатель будет доставлен.
Извините, я не владею английским языком.

Pretty good
Ark, Crayfish, Hutch.
Different gameplay of battle is a excellent " king of the hill , capture the flag , tactical with low resources , total destruction " ect
Good synthesis.,
Please keep spread and drop yours ideas , the modding community is will set favorite mode when the engine will be deliver to them.
Sorry i m not English native .

собака под капотом - psu pod hvost


good a smart female

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yeah for sure


Just like that!

I wonder how much a license would cost? That battle chatter!

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