Funny/Silly Pictures

Well, time for my second thread!
Post any funny picture, as long as its appropriate.
Other than that, Ill begin the picture posting.


My favorite silly signs.


Picture wars here we come… :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh. Lets not tax the Image Autosave Script on this Forum too much. Maybe outsource that thread?

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Wow, talk about community self-moderation! Extremely effective. But appropriate? Is the server at risk of being tasked?


Keith himself asked to, if possible, not post pictures for the pictures sake. I was more Answering to Arkenbrien, not about this topic, this topic still is fine. But making it into a game, like picture wars, is something else.

Discourse autosaves most images in order to preserve discussions for the future. Such a picture war thread could generates a lot of gigabytes of data I-Novae would need to pay for … well maybe they can now.