Forums, sub-forums and sections

So this forums is a single forum with all the threads listed here or am i missing something? Will there be new sections eventually? Also, can i merge my current account with google account? What about the Blog, any updates to it soon?

Anyway it does look a bit confusing so i’ll give a couple of website suggestions in case they aren’t already planned. Please add the following thread categories:

  • Technical (dark blue) - any posts about the technical side of the game, such as networking, graphics, directX/openGL, etc… This would include website-related posts like this, but posts requiring assistance like “help, my profile broke” would be the Support category.

  • Suggestion (green) - self-explanatory.

  • Universe (gray) - about the full mmo game that might come after Battlescape.

  • Misc (white, with black outline ofc) - post unrelated to anything. Perhaps these posts wouldn’t be bumped up by new posts which will lead to them being buried eventually so it keeps the forum from too many unrelated posts.

A new filter on the top bar for Dev posts that shows all the topics with developer’s posts. To add to it all dev posts should be of a different colour to distinguish it, similar to Blizzard’s “Blue posts”.

The default is all posts in one view. You can filter by category. The category view has just been redone by the Discourse guys so it’s going to look a bit more traditional once I upgrade our build of the forums.

Yes as long as your Google Account and your current account share the same email address. If you meet this criteria just go to the main site and logout, then log back in using google and it should automagically associate your google ID with your account. At some point in the future I’ll remove the restriction of having identical email addresses but the moment it’s lower priority.

I’m still working on this, the next update will be once I get blogs properly connected to the main site.

Good recommendations. I’ll get to this shortly (though maybe not with the same colors).

We will not create a category for this until the MMO is back under development.

This is the purpose of the General category.

I can add this to the TODO list.

Oh, thank the gods for that. Are they dropping the “card” format? I’ve never been a fan of it.

Yeah, the new one is a more traditional view that uses rows (picture). They’ve mentioned adding sub-forum support but I have no idea where that is in their road map.


Thank you for replies, INovaeKeith. I do indeed like the new forums all being in one page, the top filters work very nicely. <3