Forum settings - logging out after a day or so

Is there a way to stay logged into the forums? I noticed that every couple days I have to click the “log-in” button on the top-right in order to be logged in. I don’t have to re-enter my password, just click the button. Is this by design? Is there a way around this in settings?

What Browser do you use?
Did you set some form of autoclear cookies?
Do you use a third party login? Like google?

I am using Google Chrome. Cookies do not auto-clear and my account is directly from this site, not a third party login. Do other browsers not log you out?

We removed our auto-logout feature a couple of years ago. You should stay logged in until you explicitly logout. I use Chrome without problems. Are you logging in through our main site (

I will log in through the main site and give that a shot. Thanks!

How were you logging in before?

I was logging in from the link at the top right of the forums. Not the main website.

Hmm that one should also work but maybe I haven’t tested it since I revamped our login screen. I’ll have to double check.