Forum downtime later this week

The forums will likely be going down for maintenance in an effort to clear up some lingering issues from a month ago later this week. It could last a couple of hours and unfortunately its timing will likely revolve more around my schedule than usage. Just giving everyone a heads up now, I’ll send out a tweet once I begin taking them down.


Something to add to your list of issues (if not already there) is that when I play a YouTube linked video and try to go full screen, it does so for a split second, then it reverts to the in-forum version and continues playing, but I’m looking at some random post in the middle of the thread instead of the post with the YouTube linked video.

I can watch videos in-thread just fine. It is only if I attempt to go full screen does this whackiness ensue.


This is a huge issue I noticed too. At first I thought it was due to my browser but it happens on my other browsers as well.

It looks like a general Discourse issue though. If you go to other Discourse forums and try there, the problem persists. Here for example:

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Is there a proper discourse dark theme or two you can install.

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An old (and minor) issue: could you add a link at the top, pointing to the main site instead of the forum, please? :slight_smile:

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While we’re at it, username autocomplete feature in posts doesn’t work for people with some KS badges and username search doesn’t function at all.


Claim time ! lol

@INovaeKeith For me it’s more a question than a suggestion : do you still work on a dedicated crowd-funding platform for I:B ? IndieGoGo is not terrific…

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To add to this issue, when I go fullscreen it also sends me halfway up the thread. In the larger threads this can be 100 posts or more and it’s a nightmare to scroll back down…especially on mobile.


like gearbox site theme. I compensated for my bad english huskies guys.