First impressions - desired content

I knew about this game for quite a time already and I’ve recently took the decision to play it.

I have left a review yesterday on Steam but I will make it short here. I only want to mention some things that are essential to be added in this game in order to make it more enjoyable and what I believe will make a big difference from the current state.

As I’ve said in my review, I believe that this game has massive potential.

There are some elements that I would like to see in the game but I will only mention what I believe to be essential for the future of the game and an eventual official release.

  1. Different ship design for one of the factions. Additionally I would like to see more ship classes and one unique class for each of the factions. (Not a priority atm but in future development a new faction would be great, or at least a few more ships from non-playable pseudo-factions like aliens, pirates, mercenaries etc.)

  2. Work on the sandbox and keep adding new planets, moons and star types.

  3. Add more mission types in order to take advantage of the beautiful world you’ve created. Exploration/scouting missions should be included among others (salvaging, hostage extractions etc.)

  4. A story for your game. Although a single player campaign is preferable, at least creating some lore in a pdf is a must.