Few questions about the game

  1. this game will support single player (explore the galaxy) like space engine?
  2. there will be also multiplayer?
  3. in the game, you will fly in the ships like in the 2010 demo video or without ship like the rocky earth like planet video? (like space engine)
  4. in the game will be millions of systems or just few systems?
  5. the name of the game is infinity: the quest for earth or the name is infinity battlescape? or there is 2 games?


I can’t speak for INS, but I’ll give answers based on my knowledge thus far.

Infinity, formerly Infinity: The Quest for Earth is the MMO that I-Novae plan to make if their current in-dev game, Infinity:Battlescape, and their engine is a success. In order to fund the remainder of Battlescape’s development, they’re looking to run a Kickstarter campaign in the coming months

In the MMO, I believe the intention is that the number of systems will be comparable to the estimated number of solar systems in the Milky Way, which likely means many millions of systems.

Both games will have you flying in ships. The ability to walk outside ships, especially on planetary surfaces, have been discussed many times, but never confirmed (to my knowledge) as a feature by INS

Both games are intended to be multiplayer. It’s unlikely they’ll add a singleplayer mode,

  1. Infinity Battlescape will be a multiplayer game only, though we do plan to have an offline sandbox/exploration mode.
  2. See #1
  3. You will fly ships from a first person cockpit view mode, other view/camera modes are undecided at this point in time.
  4. Infinity Battlescape will take place in a single solar system.
  5. The crowd funding and 100% of our development time will be dedicated to Infinity Battlescape until that game ships.

thank you very much… (so excited! i am following this game for 4\3 years)

good luck with the kickstarter! :slight_smile:

I really hope that there wont only be first person cockpit view when flying…
I wana be able to go ou tin third person so I can look at my ship while flying and get some of those great screenshots.

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i really hope that there will be sandbox/exploration mode like spaceengine
i am just love to explore…