Feedback after first day of play


The game looks great! and the gameplay is fun and intuitive!

I noticed few things that I think worth improvement:

  1. Comm channel spam - other player can nonstop spam the comm chat

  2. The game sounds - the sounds are not as good as i would expect (hear Star Citizen or Elite dangerous as good reference). When you shoot here in the weapon it doesnt sound like a cannon or real missile fire.

  3. Missile trail is missing - when you shot real missile in real life if has a long trail of smoke. I dont see it when I shot my missile or when enemies missile approach toward me. Missiles in the game are change round sqares.

  4. Balancing by rank system is essential.

  5. I want to play wit my THrusmaster 16000 HOTAS (stick + throttle), but it doesnt work and i cant bind it. (when i move throttle for example it is not recognized as input)

Best regards,

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Thanks for your feedback! Keep it coming, they do listen.

In space, there wouldn’t be a trail. However, something to indicate direction of travel for missiles and ships too has been discussed.

As for joystick issues, have you checked out this thread to see if anything here helps?

Missiles have trails, unless you’re playing at a lower quality level, in which case the trail could be smaller or cut off.

I play on highest resolution and quality.
I just imagined to myself the same experienced of missile firing as in Elite Dangerous which is beautiful to my opinion.

Oh you meant fire from the propulsion, not the long smoke trail ?

No, i meant the smoke trail.
I have just notice it in the game actually. but it is not emphasized enough.
When i shot missile or missile is hot toward me, I expect to see the smoke tail better (even that it is space… i know) and not just to see the blue/red marker on hud that represent the missile.

By the way, when i fly next to another ship and wrap speed, right next to him i could not see his ship! only the marker that represent it.


Currently the interceptor missile trails are there but are a little “thin” it would help to see them more clearly.

The sci-fi lover in me says no to trails as they’re unrealistic, and also probably a drag on video performance. But it would help to have something that says or records who’s launched missiles at you - maybe it’s there and I have overlooked it (still a rookie here).

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Honestly as a pilot you need that feed back, its handy to use a trail to pickout direction of channel.

After I updated the GPU driver I can now see the missiles trail


my own newbie questions and comments;

in keybindings i see a bind for reverseflight but i have no idea what it does. i turned it on during flight and as far as i can tell it didn’t do anything. any help?

also i don’t know if this is a known bug but i can’t seem to change keybinds from the main menu settings. it lets me assign joystick axes, but when i press a KB button nothing happens. i have to join a server and enter a game before i can change keybinds. not gamebreaking, but inconvenient.

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With reverse on, your throttle accelerates you backwards.

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is that only true if you have a throttle plugged in? pressing W still makes me go fwd, S backwards. why would you want that? reversing joystick axes i can understand, but i don’t get reversing thrust.

It only reverses “Set Target Speed” currently. Pretty much tells your ship that the target speed now points backwards.

Sadly though … even if you disagree … a lot of people who use analog/HOTAS throttles voiced that in fact they would expect that “reverse” would also reverse their forward/backward thrusters …

So I don’t know what really would be best here. I-Novae has a hard life sometimes.

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Afaik it works with flight assist on. Your mousewheel by default, iirc, controls the throttle. It’s that white semi-cricle on the inner right side.

For the m&k/b controls, I don’t quite understand why it’s not like War Thunder and most games where if you repeatedly hold/press the throttle down, it “sticks” at 0% until you pause and do it again to go into reverse. But afaik that wouldn’t work for an analog throttle.

Personally, I do feel like the whole reverse thing is a waste of screen real-estate and confusing when using m&k/b, too.