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A pretty chill, up-beat album.

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Nice Post Arkenbrien pictbrige , Thank Guys !
my favorite sounds and music selection so far in every post made by this OP post on High Quality mode
… and the music drops… the voice , the sound , the information , insider top (Just hear befor report spam
Op of this channel is well respected and every post is High Quality prod and insider information.

Aslo love Sibelius 5 and other classic gems
HIP HOP (all flavors) Electronic music (all flavors) , Metal and Rock bands (all flavors) Live and
Kpop Girl on 60fps show



I don’t believe I’ve mentioned this before, but I present to you a massive chiptune album that I’d recommend to anyone either a fan of chiptunes, or looking for a wide sampling of styles within the genre.

It’s a 52 track album, each featuring a different artist/group. The people behind the album release a new one each year, this year being the 7th.

Best of all, it’s a name-your-price deal, so it’s a lot of music for the money.

A few personal recommendations:


It’s been 7 years since I looked at this and it’s still my favorite recording of this piece. Just these two guys in this obscure youtube video, and it’s fantastic. I’ve searched far and wide for better, but this one is perfectly articulated IMHO.

Close your eyes, imagine drifting off under a warm, desert sunset in a far away land, surrounded by slowly flowing red ribbons, but with this sense that something tragic has happened in this place.


The opening to this piece is like the hollowness of the hole that forms after you’ve lost someone dear. I still remember the first moment I heard that line in this piece and it absolutely blew me away.


Just stumbled upon this.
Pretty cool remake of a classic.

download is in description.

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These are nice!


not shure in this case, need improve semself, this hard, i still listen mistakes


Heh, I know exactly what you mean.

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use distortion please, split tracks into 2 and compress, calls layering

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I show you and record video bit later, please be patient 1-2 weeks

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I made the arp sound a lot closer to what I wanted. I think I’m learning a little about what these knobs and buttons mean. Yes, needs more effects, much more work with the transition + B part.

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