Favorite Music List

A thread to share our favorite musicians. No particular order is necessary but keep it to a minimal of 5 to 10. This could be a good way to bond accordingly with others within the Infinity forums. If you only like classic stuff then it’s whatever but try to make your list as relevant as possible and please don’t say space music xD


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  • Pendulum
  • Systek
  • Echo Grid
  • Spacemind
  • Nate Dogg

Like all of them … so order doesn’t really apply … I also like rap, g-funk, classical, classic rock, trance, psytrance and especially progressive trace sooo … this list is just what artists I remember right now.

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Noooo it’s not. I will not elaborate or I’ll be here all night, but no, the two genres are quite distinct.

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I like Zircon.


1.) As someone previously mentioned, Pendulum.
2.) Tame Impala (much hipster)
3.) Daft Punk
4.) Toro Y Moi
5.) Bob Dylan

Just five artists I have been listening to recently… slightly random.


How can I forget: the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain!

Trust me, you have probably never have and never will see so many ukuleles.

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I’m out.


  1. Above and Beyond
  2. Armin Van Buuren
  3. Deadmau5
  4. Cosmic Gate
  5. Excision

That’s just a rough list. Hard to quantify my love for all of the artist I have.

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  1. Steven Wilson - melancholic beautiful progressive rock from England
  2. Rammstein - German rock/meatal band. DU HAST!
  3. Prodigy - every genre combined with “punch in your face”
  4. Slagsmålsklubben - crazy indie music from Sweden
  5. Varien

In no particular order:

  • Jan Dismas Zelenka (seriously amazing Baroque composer, relatively obscure, writes with all sorts of creative twists and turns)
  • Maurice Ravel - I love his chamber music.
  • Johann Sebastian Bach - no introduction needed.
  • Sergei Rachmaninoff - absolutely love the colors he generates with his vertical arrangements of notes, and his unusual meters.
  • Dmitri Shostakovich - incredibly creative, covering a wide range of styles, while all his work still feels cohesively him.
  • Ludwig van Beethoven - his late works are incredibly powerful and subtle.

They all influence what I create.


TAA is life; my love. Joel Birch is my hero next to my Mom until the end. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::sob::sob::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Since it’s Christmas, I’d like to share a short personal story. A little over a year ago TAA released “Let The Ocean Take Me”. Soon after the time they released their best album to date, I texted my Mom a few videos of The Amity Affliction. She had neither heard of them nor known of my obsession. I was over the road in a different state at the time so I couldn’t be there in person. She called back crying asking, stuff… For whatever reason my Mom had gotten really emotional over the music. I never understood that situation even after I asked over and over again. I get crazy tears now when listening to them but those tears are after the fact. Here are those videos.

Please understand some of these facts about TAA. Joel writes music from the heart. He guides fans out of darkness into love, friendship and most all, a positive outlook on life. Every song he writes for the band is 100% genuwine! Furthermore, practically every song is Ahren and himself speaking directly towards their own fan base with the exception of a couple covers. If you don’t want to believe or flat out don’t give a fuck then that’s your decision. I’ve been waiting years, more so in the last one, to express my feelings. Now that the ice is broken, I’m gonna show you where I stand. (no fan moderation allowed)

Although I generally dislike when musicians do covers, for TAA’s sake they absolutely nailed it! Here’s a throw back from 2009.

1.) Paul McCartney
2.) Led Zeppelin
3.) The Beatles
4.) Queen
5.) Martin O’Donnell (Who doesn’t like the original Halo trilogy soundtracks?)


Today I changed the title from Favorite Music Artists to Favorite Music List. This was done for one simple reason. I wanted to make this thread more of a “I love this band/song” instead of solely having it for top favorites ever, only.

There is a jaw dropping band that I’d like for those of you who are unaware and interested to hear. PVRIS! They are so epic! I can’t say enough about them. Seriously guys, buy White Noise! They have a mixture of different elements of genres to form their own style. Hope you enjoy :grin:

Side note: I’m not a audiophile whatsoever but I do have a little setup of my own. A pair of Hifiman HE-400i headphones paired with a ifi Micro iDSD dac/amp with Forza Audio Works USB cables.


1 word: Growth

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  1. Steven Wilson/Porcupine Tree
  2. Leprous
  3. Mother’s Cake
  4. Pineapple Thief
  5. A Perfect Circle.

On a side note, various people mentioning Pendulum here. I went to school with the guitar player Peredur :slightly_smiling:


Tycho is awesome! Good choice! Definitely one of my favorites to listen to while doing homework or writing a paper.

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