Extra copy for a friend

How do we get our extra copy from our pledge?


Hmm, I can’t find where these extra copies get noted in either the Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign. I can only see that the 5 Galactic Supporters of Kickstarter will get additional 5 copies. :confused:

A similar question was asked here:

$100 level, you will receive an extra copy of the retail game. Not sure if ea counts or is that’s only full release.

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+ Anyone who pledged the previous $100 tier automatically gets this tier.

Ah, so I qualify too.

We won’t be distributing keys, unless your reward tier comes with extra copies of the game, so you haven’t missed anything.
- @INovaeKeith a month ago on Kickstarter comments

We apologize for the inconvenience but if we had sent out Steam keys that would have created problems because backers would have been able to resell them.
- @INovaeKeith

I take it the last comment is about the first copy, not the extra. Unless I-Novae have backtracked.

We mentionned this a couple times already in our updates, but extra gift keys are not coming just yet. They’ll be part of the KS rewards we’re planning on doing in a few months / next year.


Awesome thanks. I haven’t been paying attention for about a year so missed it.

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