Expired Security Certificate?

Whenever I go to the forums or the main webpage, Chrome attempts to stop me from going there because the site has an expired security certificate. Is there anyway to fix that error?

I have this too, although I don’t know what that mean or why it occurs.

Pinging @INovaeKeith in case he hasn’t already seen this (though it’s been mentioned enough that he probably has).

Might as well ping @INovaeFlavien too.

Yup, that’s how stuff gets done around here.

Keith is aware of the issue and is on it.


Forums server is now squared away. Wasn’t able to get the main site updated before work today so hopefully tonight.

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Without a valid certificate on the main side, every good browser makes it very hard to login to the forums.

Working on it.

I’d rather not speak for others, but for me at least, the problem seems to be resolved.

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I amend my previous statement. The forms no longer have an expired security ticket, but the main page still does.

Yes unfortunately getting the renewed certificate onto the main site is proving ridiculously difficult because the computer I used to create the certificate request is in storage in a different state due to my recent move. Yay Microsoft.

Can it be fixed? For once I would actually recommend holding off on the Kickstarter until this issue is resolved. You certainly don’t want to direct people to your site and then have their browser tell them it’s unsafe. That might turn people away from backing your game.

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It can be fixed, it’s just taking a lot longer than it should for a number of reasons.

Seems to be fixed now! :smiley: I’m not getting any more warnings.

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It does seem to be fixed, now get cracking on that Kickstarter video! :smiley:

Not again! The issue seems to have reappeared on just the main page.

Yeah the cert being used on main domain is the expired one. forums subdomain is using a new one.

Keith can explain better, but there was a MS Azure update this past weekend that sent our VM on a boondongle, and after all the fixes somehow the main page reverted back to the expired cert.

Keith is on it.

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Fixed. Some really weird/frustrating stuff has happened over the last few days with our website. First time I’ve had a problem with Windows Azure in the 3 years I’ve been using it - they seem to be breaking a lot of shit recently. Hopefully it’s all resolved now.

MS, What do you expect from a company named after a major disease.

It was fun when they broke all the Titanfall servers a few months ago as well.

Silly Microsoft.