Experimental balance changes that you'd like to see ( Delayed to Aug16th )


I understand, but keep in mind the game is very frustrating to play at the moment. If you don’t want to end up playing the game on an empty server with the same dozen of veterans, we need to make the game more accessible, period. The gimbaled weapons should be weaker, but not completely useless either. There are also a lot of HOTAS / gamepad players that are at a signfiicant disadvantage at the moment due to the lack of aiming precision.

It’s not normal that a new player has to play for hours to get his first kill ( beside missiles of course ) just because pixel-tracking is the de-facto standard. Newcomers need to have fun and be able to make a couple of kills pretty quickly after they start, otherwise this game is heading into the wall.


I think this is a key point here, along with the damage being lowered. It’s a very small gimbal, so you’ll still have to work pretty hard to stay on target, but the guns will adjust for small errors. It will be more forgiving for new players but experienced ones should still be able to make it hard to line up.

It seems to me that the intended effect is:

  • More shots on target (compared to current system)
  • Less damage per shot
  • Roughly even out the DPS, but have it being less frustrating.

As this is also coupled with acceleration increases for the interceptor, I’m willing to give this a go.


I understand the need and wish to make a new game easy to play (for getting many players).
But I have to say that during the Elite Dangerous Alpha the fights were the most fun and after the autoaim weapons were added, a lot of the interesting mechanics were just… gone.

btw. I dont belive in the autoaim = less damage and selfaim = more damage solution.
I think it can not be balanced.

My solution would be pure straight shots (for lasers) and balance the speed and range so that we are at a good fighting range.


Thought about the possibility of throwing in an extra weak/slow NPC-only ship? Just a small, basic mob type enemy to let new players get some target practice against with a very low reward before moving on to fighting proper ships with the same stats as their own.


After weapon loadouts are implemented, it would be interesting to add non-gimballed interceptor weapons with higher damage and/or velocity. The lack of weapon convergence was an issue in my experience when you were rotated 90 degrees or so relative to your opponent, so most of your shots would go above and below them. A possible way to balance the new semi-gimballed interceptor weapons is to change the gimbal range (e.g. down to 1 degree) based on community feedback.


patch release yet?
Can’t wait to test the gimbaled wepons.


Sorry, but I’ll be delaying the patch by another few days.

I’ve had a few issues related to lag compensation for gimbaled weapons.

I also need to address the haulers getting randomly stuck and destroyed, which affects match balance / endings.

After watching Dan’s latest stream I’m also considering a number of important AI changes, especially NPCs ramming capital ships, but also some important ones that were on my todo list for a long time ( namely: carriers staying away from the battlefield, and corvettes not playing like a dumb attack ship and figuring out where there are allies to repair ).

New ETA for the patch is around friday. This should be a pretty good one :wink:


I for one welcome the gimbaled weapons experiment, I find the game in its previous state too hard to learn.

Heres an incomplete list (off the top of my head) of what a new player has to learn before he is rewarded with success:

  • “Basic” ship controls (flying/maneuvering/predicting velocities/learning how each ship behaves in space and atmospheres)
  • Weapons and how they affect other ships (what is the damage output, and when does damage even occur)
  • Stations and gameplay objectives
  • Mouse control and coordination to hit the target

Notice something? Not one of these gameplay elements is easy to learn at the moment, but each element is absolutely crucial to have any success.

In my opinion the player should be able to compensate a lack of skills in one field with skill in another.
This is one of the reasons I enjoyed Rainbow Six Siege for example. Even though my aim is not that good I’m able to compensate that with smart tactics when playing against friends with better aiming abilities.

I’m not saying the game should be completely dumbed down, but there has to be some balance and quick rewards.

Heres another thing I noticed while watching Hutch play during the last stream:
He attacked and destroyed specific station modules. How does a new player know what modules to attack and for what purpose?

Why does it have to be balanced so long as users have the choice to switch between modes at no cost?


If we gather in-game statistics on hit rate for both weapons systems (narrowing it to, say, the gimbal angle around the target), we can balance it so that both weapons have the same DPS for an average player. This can be done with damage or like Flavien said with spread.
Of course a good player will have better results with the manual aim but that’s what skill is about.

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  • Implemented weapons convergence. Since we want to test gimbals on the interceptor, I assigned the bomber’s shotgun to be converging. Distance calculation is automatic and based on distance to lead reticle of target.

  • Revamped collisions damage. We’re also going to experiment with ramming damage for the bow of the destroyer ( aka. it’ll inflict damage bonus when hitting at the right location ).

  • In general: switched to server-side collisions for large ships colliding with small ships. That means that capital ships, in particular, will no longer go crazy when getting rammed by small ships. Capships vs capships collisions will also feel much better. This comes at a cost though: by ignoring client-side collisions in these scenarios there can be some inter-penetration of ships for the duration of the latency between the client and the server; so at high latencies, you can potentially see ships get into other ships for a small amount of time. It’s still a much better solution than the crazyness coming from client-side collisions.