Expected development time of I:B

What is the expected development time of I:B?

I know it can vary from tier to tier, from alpha to beta, even depends on successful KS. I’m talking about the release date that the grunts get for their $10-$20. I’m assuming a April-May 2014 KS (start of development), as Keith pointed out in a different topic.

Expected release date: When it’s ready.

Usually I’d add a “or when they run out of money and need to eat”, but Early Access sales have rendered that unnecessary.

The dev time will probably be 1-2 years depending on on how much money we raise and stretch goals etc. Our current plan is for alpha and beta to be pledge tiers. For those who pledge alpha the game will be available the moment we have something you can log into. The Beta time frame is still TBD and we probably won’t have an idea of that until we get closer to launching the Kickstarter as we’re still designing the game.

Thanks, pretty standard answer except for the log-in part. Are we talking about the “INS-MOD” system or just the game client?

Completely unnecessary Duke Nukem/I protect the devs BS.

It’s a multiplayer game, you have to log into it to play it :p. I’m referring to the game client. Modding will come later in the dev life cycle.

Would be really nice to have a off-line client for messing around :stuck_out_tongue:

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The current plan is to have one in the shipping game. Alpha will be focusing on iterating on actual gameplay as soon as possible.

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Good luck with that :wink:

Sounds good, Keith! :smile:

When is the kickstarter going to happen?

We’re trying to get it out before GDC, we’re planning on releasing something special to make up for the delay before Christmas =).


Ooh exciting. :smiley: And before GDC sounds fair.