Exit confirmation for the current build?

Could an add an exit confirmation button be added to the game? There’s a few times I’ve accidentally pressed Escape to get into a menu that doesn’t exist, the annoying part being that the game instantly closes without a yes/no button.

It wouldn’t matter that much if the game was fast to load but it’s a bit annoying when the game takes a few minutes to load up.

Nope, we need to have the new GUI before we can do that.


I recommend simply remapping exit to a different key. I chose the End key.

Edit: In fact, if the GUI isn’t ready for alpha, I’d recommend changing the default key mapping.


And have the escape key have the same one as the enter key.


Having to hit the escape key twice to exit is another option.

That’s also already possible. Lol.

You mean the game’s not going to quit just by pressing escape when it’s finished? :wink:

It’s perfect for ragequitting!