Empty, not clear World

Hi, great project, but there are not many questions.

  1. How can I not enter the Game, the servers are empty, where are the online players?
  2. The player’s development system is not clear.
  3. Monotony.
  4. There are no other customer translations.
  5. Where are the people? :slight_smile:
  1. The game is in Early Access, we aren’t putting much into marketing at the moment as we continue to flesh out the game, so our avg daily player counts are not particularly high just yet. We expect that to change over the next few months as we resolve some of the core user complaints - many of which you just highlighted. If I understand you correctly you’re not able to enter the game? Are you trying to play through Steam?
  2. Absolutely, this is something we’re actively working on improving over the next few months
  3. See #2
  4. When you say no other customer translations which translations are you referring to? We do in fact have some translations but it sounds like we don’t have one for your preferred language.
  5. See #1

Hi, another question, the economy is not clear in the game. How to improve ships, how to manage loans? That’s written on MK1 guns, how to make MK2? How to improve the combat and flight characteristics of the ship? How to have all ship classes available? Sorry to interrupt but a lot is not clear.

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Currently you gain credits by killing enemy ships and infrastructure, with bonuses when participating to battles.
There is currently no way to improve ships nor change weapons, they come pre-fitted.
All ships classes are available at any time provided you can afford them.
You might get some clues from this (outdated) thread:

Thank you for the answer, then another question, for example, at the end of the Game, there are 650 credits in the account, I go into the Game after a while and the number of credits decreases, where are they spent? And another question is, why after the death of my ship I have to fly to the battle point for a long time using a warp, during which time I have time to drink some) Why there is no rebirth directly near the hostilities, large flights are needed for exploring the Cosmos, but not for military operations. I admit a one-time trip to the point, but after the death of the ship, it starts to bother me to fly again.

  • Credits are reset when the match ends (one team wins, which can happen when there is only NPCs). They are not spent otherwise as far as I know.
  • Spawning is only possible at friendly/neutral bases and friendly carriers (for small ships), so the defenders always have that advantage. I think you can still select the nearest spawn point though.

We’re working on improving this over the next month or two - after we finish implementing the new HUD. We’ll be making significant improvements to the new player experience over the first half of this year:

Having flown a little, I got used to it. I understand what is happening. And the same action occurs, Attack and Defense of stations. Monotonous flights, and shooting. I can say it is funny, but it quickly bothers. The actions in the game are monotonous. No Player Development. There are no interesting modes. Developers need to fly easier in the Games in order to understand the essence of the game process, which captivates Players for many years. I advertise the Game, many Players are already looking, but they are waiting for Localization, although I already figured it out. Since everything is the same.

Thanks for the feedback, we’re working on improving all of these issues though it will take a few months to get everything sorted out.

You need to come up with a story, plot. And move in small steps in that direction. Players in the Game are not at home. And he is needed, the stations are not clear, but the house is needed. Develop infrastructure on the planets. And for this, engineers, resources and their extraction are needed. There is already a reason to attack and defend the planets, humanity has always been belligerent, but the invasion of alien species will force all of humanity to unite to defend their territories.
Possibly one star system is not enough, for such a scale, you are already developing other systems. The game must have a cyber sports mode, quick matches, for example, one team delivers artifacts home, the other must not allow this. I would not recommend introducing new modules and tools so as not to upset the balance. You need to develop a game system for different Players, someone likes to fight, and someone builds it, but for a getter, you need ships and modules for crafting minerals. Redefine earning loans. An alien species must have an advantage in development, and carry a very serious threat. I think the Alien species is Artificial Intelligence. Out of the understanding of the humanoid species. And for this conflicting faction will have to unite to preserve the species. This is a general picture of the plot of the game.

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The game you’re describing would take a huge amount of work. I-Novae simply doesn’t have the manpower or money to build all that content (in a reasonable time).

I understand, but if this is not done, then all the efforts of the developers are useless. They have already done a great and difficult job. It is necessary so far to turn the Game into a Shooter, with three parties to the conflict, distribute it on the planet, and introduce more equipment, come up with 10 PVP battle modes, 10 PVE modes. Change the wage system. For Acquisition Technique. attract Players! And on this background, already create more complex content. And without this, the game will fall completely.

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In general, the game must be engaged not only in the creation of content. Few people know about her. No ads and reviews, stream. I could do this content in the Russian community, but it takes time, that is, not to leave the Game, but this is work. Attract people to purchase Promotional Codes Games, create a Russian community of CIS countries. Find bugs in the game, offer developers the desired content, to raise online, monitor the balance. So please contact. I love space.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qWFuk_5sKo Help for developers

Hi, as I understand it, you should not wait for the development of the Game, maybe in a year or two, but there is no time and desire. I got a lot of insult Discord, noticed Russophobia, calling me Russian Shit. In general, I delete the Game, close my playlist for the Game, and I will advise you not to buy your product. Sincerely, Konstantin.

Shame to see you go. :cry: The energy you gave would have been would have very useful back at the launch of Infinity Early Access! But I feel you chose the wrong time to try to rejuvenate the community as you won’t see any quick results from your feedback. That is why I told you to slow down.

No such thing.

The actual term that was used by a community member was shitposter. Internet has a lot of them, some even proudly declare themselves as such.


Hi, so you took the time and did only Worse. You worked on the HUD, it became less convenient, a bunch of digits in the face, closing the review. The interface remained clumsy. The Russian text does not fit in the columns, the Asian server has been removed, and few people from the CIS countries and Asia will play with Ping 300. I watch. You like to waste your time to nothing. Work on Content, no need to break what is already there. Tell me again to the Troll? But who will tell you the truth?

Thank you for the feedback.

Hey. HUD comment. You spent so much time developing it, but only made it worse, it is not convenient, and there is no way to customize it for yourself. Look at the HUD from another Game, it’s convenient, flexible settings, nothing more, note that in battle the review does not interfere with anything! Take a closer look. I advise you to play the Games, Space Simulators, or Flight Simulators yourself. [https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rQUsKoXPw7i17jUfFQeF83nNQfiIe0_R/view?usp=sharing]