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You would need to integrate the incoming flux from the sun over the entire surface.

Back of the envelop says somewhere between 237 Kelvin and 330 Kelvin. It’s really dependent on the thermal conductivity of the aluminum body of the car. The real answer should be between there somewhere?

Forgot to note that this is from solar flux at 1 AU. Those temperatures will decrease as the roadster gets farther from the Sun.


For those not enthused enough to look it up:

237K = -33F, -36C
330K = 134F, 57C

Temperatures between a typical summer in Antarctica to Death Valley’s record high.

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What is wrong with Elon Musk. Is he loosing his mind or something.

Just look at this latest stupidity he’s got himself into.


It was a rude emotional snipe, but the british guy was also rude for what he said about Elon’s effort (and the team of engineers trying to build it) . So it goes both ways.

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The diver is an a-hole and he deserved it If you ask me. Why put someone down who just tried to help…


Exactly, I think that’s why Musk lashed out. Imagine going to all that effort, helping your team build something, doing what you could to get a sense of what needs to be done, only to have someone literally tell you to shove it up your arse. I would have reacted the same way :stuck_out_tongue:

The total irony is that this guy gave Musk even more PR attention :laughing:

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Musk wasn’t trying to help. Just one more unworkable publicity stunt in a long line of unworkable publicity stunts.


People seem to be pretty quick at assigning motives to people, especially celebrities. But unless proven otherwise, i think we should be very aware of the fact that we are most likely just projecting our preconceptions, not actually knowing the real motives. Imho, it would be more fair to critique action/lack of action than to critique motives that may or may not actually exist.

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Then I’ll ‘critique’ the way he sent out a team proposing a completely untested, non-existent solution that would have required months of development time that weren’t available. Then tried to smear the personal reputation of someone involved in the rescue efforts who was doing something of actual value, because he called them out on how completely pointless their actions were beyond publicity generation, intention or not.

As apposed to say, providing some funding the ongoing rescue effort.

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I think your interpretation of the events is wrong and unfair.


  • The media painted the situation as severe and time critical
  • Elon Musk proposed several engineering-based possible solutions to rescues the children
  • His team actually put together a tiny submarine that is capable of transporting a person shortly before the kids were rescued
  • The spend considerable resources on this and traveled to the cave to get a picture of the actual situation

They made an effort to rescue them, which is laudable even If they had failed.

I also don’t see how throwing dollars at the cave is getting the children to safety as opposed to thinking of solutions to the problem.
Guess you just hate him for whatever reason.


Again, why assign motives? Its not helpful or fair imho.


I’m confused… this is simply not true.
They tested thier very extant solution that they developed in correspondence with the dive team who confirmed it was worthwhile.


No. His team got a metal tube and stuck an oxygen tank to the side of it. It was large, ungainly and pretty much worthless to the rescue effort vs the oxygen mask approach.

Musk continues to say how ‘fantastic’ it is, and how it could be used as an ‘escape pod’ for space missions.


Do you mean the metal tube idea that needed to be pushed and pulled by multiple divers, or the full submarine around said metal tube that Musk wanted to build?


I mean the metal tube that needed to be pushed and pulled by two divers, just like each child was accompanied by two divers anyway.

I don’t know the details of the situation but I see no reason not to give him the benefit of the doubt.
The diver told him to shove it where it hurts and he massively over reacted.
I won’t defend his overreaction.


How dare he try to help.


Never mind that, the point I was trying to make was, what is up with Elon recently. Attacking the press, and other things and with regards to this twitter spat about the diver and the recue, he did call someone online on twitter a ‘pedo’. I mean what rational person says that to someone without any evidence to back it up.

Post BFR speech things appear to have gone down hill with regards to his public statements. Did the Tesla bad news of late rock his boat a bit too much or something. He must be under huge pressure to deliver Tesla’s as promised to his board and investors.


The pressure of success does that to a lot of people. He is human and I think a lot of people are now elevating him a little too high. The successes of SpaceX and Tesla have made him look like the Tony Stark character people compare him to. However, just like the comic book character, Musk is also subject to the same human flaws as everyone else and he got reckless.

It’s so easy to single out one aspect and conflate it into a person’s entire character. This is what Elon did to the diver, and this is what the public (mostly the media) is doing to Elon.

Humans be humans ¯\ _(ツ)_/¯


So far, the only decent summary of the whole thing is, surprisingly enough, a Quora answer:


  • There is a dedicated smear campaign against Musk. Which is unsurprising, given how many toes he walked on, starting with that giant taxpayer-theft operation that was US government satellite launch those last decades.
  • He also have a giant fanbase, of which a non-negligible fraction is rather rabid
  • That submarine is a rather good design, and the Thai Navy is interested for further rescues attempts. It could have been useful in parts of the operation. And definitely not a PR stunt.
  • However, there was simply no time to deploy it, as the cave was about to be flooded.
  • Musk went out of his way to congratulate the team, including the support and pump teams, who often are the unsung heroes of this kind of operation.
  • The diver was instrumental in the efforts
  • He did call the guy a paedophile, with no evidence whatsoever as far as we can tell, in front of his 22 million Twitter followers. (Remember, shady journalists were able to cause an Internet lynching against a world-class aerospace engineer and a Nobel prize with crudely faked accusations of sexism, what do you think that kind of accusation can do to such a guy?)

What seems to have happened:

  • The diver bought into the PR stunt false narrative. Sad, but understandable, given how many media hit pieces showed it that way. From there, such a comment would be to be expected.
  • Musk probably snapped (that’s Twitter for you!) and overreacted. Understandable, sure, but that’s still the equivalent of replying to an insult to many with, well, a flamethrower.

Musk should very publicly apologize. If he doesn’t, then the diver should indeed sue, if only to protect his (now very imperilled) public image. There are few accusations more grave than this one, and most are impractical for people not running their own dictatorship. And Musk has enough wealthy enemies that the thing would then be used as a weapon against him, so he should really publicly apologize.
He should also slow down on Twitter. That stuff is Internet bad moonshine. It makes you drunk and stupid. More than a sip, and it corrodes the brain.
News outlets will sell you stories, not facts.