ED goes wrong step's, add headashe for users

Elite Dangerous slid into greed for user content unreasonably inflated prices and model the spread of partially copied from Star Citizen with the release of CQC. It feels that the children sit in Brabo son markeingovom department. I do not know what drives developers of the Frontier, but obviously not the community. wrong marketing.

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Could always just edit the title (Pencil button at title), Edit the post and then ask Kieth or Flavien to lock it.

Their’s no button on his opening post.

does’t work, not see this function

Because after the first reply you can’t delete a thread anymore.

I was about to PM him but you posted Kreydis. :wink:

Use this to just rewrite your topic … why shouldn’t we talk about the recent things introduced to Elite:Dangerous?

it’s shame :sweat: hell because I did not think carefully

Omg i do it again, were moderators!

Kek …

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Too late. lol. But seriously, don’t sweat it too much. Many also believe that ED’s payment scheme is inflated, or at least was until recent changes. That said, as someone who invested, I probably won’t buy the final version anyway since it’s not designed around a multi-player platform.

Ruining lives sense day one. Also never noticed this, good factoid.

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nwm there are more important things