Econ gameplay changes

The constant unload respawn unload… is getting a bit annoying as the player base becomes bigger.

Right now there’s no incentive to try and keep your ship on the battlefield for as long as you can.
A good middle ground would be to have a 2 stage resources system.

A Corporation main “bank” that will act as a pool for the AI and players to spawn units.
And a player “account” type system that can “withdraw” credits in order to spawn the ship of his liking.

How these two will work.

Corporate main bank.
Here the team has a basic income based on their factories in use and the actions of their offensive/defensive battles.
The main account is visible for all to see on the team management UI ( if possible )
Onse the account drains the battle is lost.
In a way we have that now.

Player account.
Right now players get too much credits for minimum work, and this gives the opportunity to some and exploit the system.
With a “credibility” system for credit withdrawal between main bank credits and players this tactics can be not profitable anymore.

How would this be?
Instead of credits the players earn credibility points, that “unlocks” higher tier ships.
If a player keeps destroying his ship quickly then his credibility rank drops, so now he needs to play more in order to build his credibility to a higher level.

Of course all this will need balance and changes, but something like this could give incentives for better gameplay tactics.


You may find this interesting


Great minds think alike eh!

Yeah, your Econ system would be a great way to implement a sense of light progression as a team and as an individual player.
And it would also promote team play without making it a hard requirement.

I would add that in order to prevent the potential spamming of high tier ships by the good players to implement the credibility system point i described above on top of your Econ model.


Hoping eventually we will have progression to better ships weapons and items on your ships. Not just pick one and fly it out and rinse respawn an do it again. I really cant get into it when there is no persistent goal to work for