Early Acces Launch / Patch 0.6.0/1.X Feedback Thread

Post your feedback about version and consecutive bugfix versions here.

Patchnotes for Patch and Updates Notes

(Quickly created this in the mids of launch “activity” to have feedback ordered)


Как ключ получить? How get a key? if i already backer. Kann ich gabe key? Ich wille grabe dise asсhlop game in my accaunt steame

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Shnell frage! Antwort me!

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Hey pictbrige. :bowing_man:

Check here: https://inovaestudios.com/Account#/

You can add your steam account and grant access to the game this way. No keys involved.

Haha. Like I answered you in two minutes span. :joy:

Back to feedback now though. :relaxed:


Fille danke

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Cap ship controls make no sense if you’re using a throttle. The throttle axis becomes the pitch axis which leaves you unable to truly center your pitch if you use a throttle without a notch in the center. By the same token, we need a “hold to reverse” option so the z axis can be used for 0-100% forward throttle and the reverse button can be used to make the throttle 0-100% reverse. The Hotas X would work ok with the current controls, but not the TWCS or many other throttles that don’t have the center position notch.


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Also, a more intrusive audio cue for ship speed would be helpful. Perhaps a strained engine sound when countering direction. Like any space game, without a reference it’s easy to lose track of vectors and attitude when flying without assists. The HUD does a good job, but the instruments do not provide a visceral feel of movement and in a busy moving battle the space-dust vector indicators can get lost in the mess, leaving you discombobulated a bit.


Just going to drop this here for now.
Seen from a private window with my local (work, hehe) IP. Checked some Proxies and it was/is up there, featured in some European locations with the “topseller” tag. (Not seen on any US proxies)

Hope it keeps steady during the course of this day and shows up everywhere! Yay.


That’s really exciting news, glad to see it up there.

Nice idea. Most of the sounds are placeholders, so they should improve over time.

You’re very smart i’m too 4-3= 2


Managed to link my Steam account no problem from my phone while at work! :smile: Good job guys! Hope things keep going well.


Gave the game my first run for a couple of hours. So far, I found some issues which are mostly caused by “non-intiutive interface”.

The good: interceptor, bomber and corvette are really awesome to use. The corvette can be a tough beast against INTs, as long as it’s properly used in combat, but has some troubles against BMBs. Overall the experience is very satisfying, the only “odd” thing is overshooting and such, but that’s my own fault, not the game’s.

Things somewhat get more different with the capitals. There are different modes to fly the DST for instance, but I have yet to find out how to steer that damn thing when not in direct control mode. Strafing - yes, turning - no. While it might be just a fault on my side, I find it somewhat difficult to understand what flight mode does what and how it’s meant to be used. Always thought there’s only direct mode and turret mode, but no, there are additional modes. O.o Well, guess it takes time to get used to capital ships since their control scheme is entirely different.

But that’s not the true issue here. :wink: Actually, the stuff named above can be overcome by training, training and experience. No issues here, some fine tuning here, polish there and call it a day.
The biggest and most annoying issue - and seriously, that’s a big one in my eyes - is the icons and names of icons.
I dunno why, but I find it non-indicative at best and utterly chaotic at worst. Am I allowed to continue?

1st: Name-Stacking
Currently, names of players, stations and planets are displayed at any given moment in the match, regardless if you can read 'em or not due “stacking”. You simply can’t read a station’s name if 20 players are there and fighting each other.
Solution: instead of name-stacking, combine all signals at a given POI, display the POI’s name instead and a number displays the amount of ships there (friend, foe, NPC).

2nd. Blinking Blocked Destinations
Another big one. In most games, “blinking” means “selected”. BI doesn’t need to follow any standards here, but it’s really confusing to have a full screen of blinking names 'cuz Rhethe is in the way.
Dunno if you’d like to review that one, it’ll be appreciated.
Solution: grey-out targets and POI behind obstacles, non blinking.

3rd. Selected Target Direction Arrow
Maybe I am blind and it’s in the game right now. Maybe I am not: while I can see my target in close combat situations while in front of me, I have troubles doing so if the target is not in my FOV. Sometimes I find the target again, sometimes I don’t, which is a huge problem under combat conditions. I’d like to call it “lack of situational awareness” here.
Similar issue with selected destinations: due the sheer amount of stuff going on the screen, it’s difficult to see what’s your selected target. That issue may be solved if Name-Stacking is fixed (#1).

So far, that’s all. Overall, I think this is a promising start for the game. I just find the target/icon stuff a bit confusion.

  1. Warp ramming needs nerfing or removing completely, that got abused so much today. At one point no one was spawning any more capitals because of it.

  2. Can you make it so we are able to see the player list before we choose which team to join?

  3. I one-shotted a corvette a few times with a single torp from my bomber. It does take some skill to line up the shot though.

  4. Pre-canned comms menu taunts like “greetings” and “lets do this” got spammed by a load of players at one point so would be nice to prevent that from happening again.


I think the red of the enemy npcs and orange of enemy players should be more differentiated. Also when bounties, targets, kills and such are announced, enemy names should appear red if they are bots and orange if they are players, as they are elsewhere.

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Yeah, warp ramming is quite a menace. It did happen to me once or twice in a DST and CRV, but didn’t kill me. Didn’t use a CRU or CAR 'though.

Suggestion: Warp Ramming remains a viable option, but doing so will massively damage your own ship. You can add additional damage to the target if you get a core breach (aka: you die in a massive explosion). If your ship doesn’t go down, damage is massive, most systems (HUD, assist, …) are offline and you can’t simply move for quite a while, making you a sitting duck.

Long story short: if you want to warp-ram a ship, you can do it, but you will ALSO need to sacrifice yourself. Either by direct destruction on collision or while waiting for systems to boot up again for quite a long time.

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One thing I notice is that players tend to stick to pack mentality in order to stay alive. It makes sense for fleets to engage of course, but some kind of game mechanic that encourages a lone pilot or small group to harass an enemy fleet might lead to quicker engagement times after respawn. Maybe a big monetary bonus for the team if they secure a kill or a buff to something, I dunno.

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A few things in no particular order:

  • The voice comm messages are kinda useless, or straight up harmful when you have 100 players. I’d say they should be range limited, i.e. you can only see them when people are within X Mm, so that they act as battle specific comms as opposed to global comms. A spam filter would also be nice. On the long run they could use some gameplay integration, similar to EVE’s broadcasts. To give you an example, it would be nice to have a hotkey that targets the last friendly broadcast, so you can find friendlies asking for repairs/assistance/etc, or have a direct way to target broadcast enemies. I would also appreciate a separate audio slider just for broadcasts.
  • The blinking == obstructed thing is super counter intuitive. Anything that moves draws a ton of attention, and blinking things in general mean highlighted/important when it comes to UX conventions.
  • This one is a bit far fetched, and depending on the way the engine works rather impossible to do, but the game has so many different actions that I think it could benefit from an universal “actions” menu common in IDE-s. Where you can press some combination of keyes, type in what you want to do (e.g. “Formation flight: free”), and it shows you a list of matching actions with their hotkeyes so that you can easily find some random feature you don’t use often.
  • When using the zoom, it’d be nice if the HUD text and icon sizes stayed constant.
  1. It would be nice to be able to tell directly, I’d like something in the ship spawn that says Scoria/Havoc, followed by some lore. However, there are signs if you know what to look for. If you press f2 to enter external view (right control + mouse to move the camera, both of these are default kb+m), you can see if your ship is yellow or red. Yellow is Havoc, and Red is Scoria. Also, if you look under team stats, the right hand side is Scoria, the left hand side is Havoc.

  2. I mentioned this to devs before, NPC corvettes are extremely vulnerable to torpedoes especially at range. They don’t seem to try to dodge or use flares. However, I believe that corvettes are going to have some sort of the planned laser point defense system, that will make them much less vulnerable to torpedoes.

The chat blocks the tab menu.

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