E3 2017 Discussion Thread

Just got done watching the microsoft press conference…
What a load of mediocre washed up games. Thx I-Novae for making Battlescape, I can’t believe that millions are poured into these games and Battlescape barely made its kickstarter goal…
Microsoft only had one real game to show (Anthem) and it was horrible IMO.
What are your thoughts on this years E3? I hope something good will emerge in the next week. So far only one game looked somewhat interesting to me (A Way Out).


Insofar as the Microsoft keynote was concerned my thoughts were:

  1. Yay for the Scorpio/Xbox One X specifications, I think it’s finally worth upgrading from my 360 and emulation for all of my old games makes this even better.
  2. That being said the One X design is lame as hell. XBox One in all its iterations has got to be one of the most boring consoles, design-wise, ever created.
  3. I agree with you the games were completely uninspiring. Sea of Thieves and Battlefront 2 are pretty much the only games I’m looking forward to atm which makes me wonder wtf is the point of buying a One X if there’s nothing worth playing!? (Maybe seeing if I can get I:B running on it for kix?)
  4. It’s painfully obvious that the next “next-gen” look will be improved cloth simulation, skin and hair rendering, and better physics. We now have 4k characters that still look like they’re made out of plastic but high quality character rendering is quite difficult.
  5. Thus far E3 2017 is a continuation of what we’ve been seeing for the last 5-8 years - 90% nothing more than sequels. The indie space is where all the innovation is but innovation is expensive and indie’s are perpetually underfunded. Kind of like us ;).

Metro Exodus does look detailed. [LINK]

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Battlefront 2 has me interested, it looks like the old one, but updated! More so than the first, since they’ve fixed some stuff like pickups now being earned points and actual classes.
I just hope the cheat protection is better on PC, because Battlefront 1 has a real problem with that. I don’t understand why people would do it.

You can get two for free :smiley:


Step 1: Port alpha to xbox one
Step 2: Send review demo to xbox
Step 3: Sign Windows/Xbox eclusivity deal with microsoft
Step 4: Rake in money and continue developing with bigger budget
Step 5: Don’t do a no mans sky
Step 6: Profit


Why use all that computing power to render seamless planets If you can render 2d side-scrollers instead?


Hmm, maybe I’ll have to look into that at some point :stuck_out_tongue:.



The tens and tens of linux users won’t be happy… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very impressed with everything Ubisoft showed, their cinematic sequences just scream unlimited budget.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 concept (space monkey and Indian/bladerunner art) just ticked all my boxes.


Make that a PC(/Mac?)/Xb1x (god this is an awful name) deal then, so it includes a Linux version


Best editor conference ever for me

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This was probably the biggest surprise for me this E3 so far.

I like that they’ve kept the gritty undertones of the original. I just wonder what the in-engine stuff looks like compared to a shiny, polished CG trailer.

Edit: OMFG the delicious salt coming from the so-called fans of the original complaining about dirty language. At least Ubi got some heads turning :laughing:
I’m glad they’ve ramped up the maturity because it will let them properly deal with the themes of the original.

Edit 2: Interview with Michel Ancel

Another one that caught my eye. This just oozes artistic style.


The problem with Ubisoft is that there is the game they show at E3 and then there is the one you actually get to buy:



There’s dozens of us! Dozens! Just you wait, the year of desktop linux will be upon us soon!



These games getting me hyped for the next year:

  1. Metro Exodus - The last game was great
  2. Wolfenstein The New Collosus - see above
  3. Farcry 5 - Killing cult members and rednecks looks fun
  4. Middle Earth Shadow of War
  5. Mount & Blade Bannerlord
  6. The Long Dark
  7. Sea of Thieves
  8. AC Origins - Not sure if its worth the risk but might be a lot better since they aren’t doing the rushed yearly releases.

Very appealing prospect, also, the dog character.

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EA- Bioware-Frostbyte

Rich, beautifully designed and lit open environments


@INovaeKeith did you see this ?