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Mine is about 10 or so Z levels, but not enough floor space.

Just realized I wrote Doof Storage instead of Food Storage :confused:

Edit: fixed.


Are Adamantine veins of 50-60 or more layers common? I just keep drilling down in hopes of some “fun” but never seem to reach the bottom. Also… can the hole be sealed in time in case I start to regret?

Semi common, just remember that the real fun starts when you get close to like -150

Basically, if you see an Adamantine vein in the 2nd cavern it’s going to be 50+, if not it’s going to be like 20-30. So the higher your dimensions of the starting fortress, basically 1 vein for every 4 tiles on the starter screen for sure and anything else is bonus. The better your chance of getting a huge dig.

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I’m beginning to love these clouds more and more.


95th layer and still going :confused:

A masterful engraving of humans, dwarves, and Kickstarter is depicted here.

The humans and dwarves are surrounding the Kickstarter campaign. The humans are cheering. The dwarves are expressing confusion.

This engraving refers to the Infinity: Battlescape Kickstarter campaign in the year of 2015.