Dropped by to say Hi

I’ve been following development for a couple years now and saw that the kickstarter seems to be getting pretty close to launch for battlescape. Decided it was time to make an account and say “hi, I’M GOING TO BUY THIS SO HARD” cough

Been (very) loosely keeping track of the forums too. I guess my only question is if steambox/steamOS is being considered, or might be considered sometime in the future. I do recall reading the rant about directX vs OpenGL, the only thing I dont think was mentioned that seems revelant was wayland.

One last thing, I click “Create Topic” and it says “Title must be at least 15 chars long.”, when my title is “Just saying hi”, or 14 chars long. Is this really necessary? (heh)

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Last I heard, they weren’t averse to putting the game on Steam, but they’ll really, really prefer if you purchase directly from them.

Oh, and you should probably blame Discourse for the weird character-counting stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

SteamOS will be an option we’ll evaluate as things progress. Support will depend on the amount of money we raise along with how well the OS does in the marketplace.

At first I thought that (your avatar) was a space whale. :frowning:


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why not space whale? because space pony! (seriously, whales are over rated)

TerranAmbass: Yeah, I saw the discussion about how much it actually costs to sell a game though steam. However selling a game through steam, and having your program support SteamOS are two completely different things. SteamOS is essentially debian with hopefully better video card driver support. Thats why I mentioned OpenGL, as Keeth (or whoever it was that wrote the blog post) does not like working with the OpenGL library. I dont have any personal experience with graphics anything except for making a little thing with the cairo library in C.

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