DOOM (4) @QuakeCon 2014

Today marks the first day of this year’s QuakeCon event. The long awaited DOOM (4) reveal is supposedly going to be tonight at 7:00 p.m. EST. Although exclusive for attendees only, it’s basically a given that it’ll show up on the internet. I’m very excited; wish I could be there too! Below is the only material that DOOM fans have been shown. I’ll keep this topic updated as news becomes available.

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The quick and dirty IGN review of the still unreleased gameplay trailer. Of note:

  • Fast-paced combat against multiple enemies at once - Doom 3 this ain’t.
  • Classic Doom weapons, including the fan-favorite double-barrell shotgun
    return. Plasma rifle, rocket launcher, and the good old chainsaw were
    also shown off.
  • Old school mechanics. No reloading your clip, hold as many weapons as you want, health and ammo pick-ups etc. NO REGENERATING HEALTH.

That’s all I needed to hear to secure my pre-order.

I imagine pre-order purchasing will be on hold awhile longer. Instead, you may be interested in trying to find a beta code for yourself.

An honest feeling turns out to what should have been a prayer and nothing more. The “DOOM room” must have been on guard! It’s unfortunate for the vast majority of fans who couldn’t attend but I do understand why they opted to make it a private showing. Seemingly enough, the game won’t be released anytime soon! I was thinking it’d be coming at year’s end like the first title but now I’m heavily doubting such optimism. A quick bit of excitement was finding out that id Software hired their new lead rendering programmer; from Crytek no less. Here’s a nicely written follow up explaining how the reveal played out.