Don't Touch Warp!

Hi everyone and thanks again DEVs for all the hard work you put into getting the prototype to us - and wow, what a prototype! Truly amazing, exceptional and absolutely unrivaled by any other Engine out there. Anyway, I just want to make a suggestion in regards to the Warp that has been often commented on and I just have to say please don’t touch it - it is fine the way it is.

But I do agree with some that it doesn’t quite fit and this is because warp is associated with faster travel and of course effects of some kind. So I would like to propose that the present ‘warp’ be called something else and that it be left alone; instead a new warp should be developed that whisks people system to system instead of planet to planet. And this brings me to the second part of my proposal: instead of adding more planets to the present system, add another system with planets and develop a true Warp to whisk us there (loading screen optional). That way you are resolving the Warp issue and creating more content at the same time, all the while maintaining the integrity of the original mechanics.

Anyway, thought I would chime in and leave this video - lets keep the mechanic but change the name. :slightly_smiling:


Isn’t that exactly the way Elite: Dangerous handles it?

Yes but they call it something else I believe. Since the same mechanic seems to be at work it really is just a matter of naming it. Besides, Elite, Star Citizen and a hundred other space sims also have warp but are we to not use ‘warp’ because they are?

Was only asking if it was the same, because that could have made explaining your ‘idea’ for the warp drive system easier by just saying: “Please make the warp system like Elite: Dangerous. It’s a good system.”

System warping threw the galaxy has been possible since at least 2009. They can’t give the very best goodies of the INS engine right off the bat. Besides, there’s so many more aspects of the game that need attention. It’d be yet another one of those “nice to have” features.

AFAIK warp will work for traveling like right now and we will have a jump mechanic for bigger distances. But I would hate loading screens or disconnected instances, fortunatly they are planning none of that.
Also we currently only have one planet with moons, they are very close to each other, when we get other planets the distances that need to be traveled could increase significantly.
Personally I like the current mechanic, IMO the ability to decrease and increase speed while warping needs to be toned down and proper effects need to be visible when entering, traveling and exiting warp.

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Why? Why is it fine? Don’t have time to list my counter arguments why I think it isn’t fine or why I think that at least we should try something else and see if that’s better. (I’ll do that in a few hours …)
But what parts of the “warp” systems do you think can’t be improved?

Yes the name associate it with something we have learnt functions a little differently.

The devs allready said they want to do two fast speed travel systems.

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I like warp being a way to accelerate and decelerate with the option to coast un-powered in between destinations rather than some weird separate system like most games use as an excuse to mask scene transitions.

Only issue I have with it is the twitchyness at low-end speeds. would be nice having some finer control when dropping down to exit speeds, or for making short trips with it anywhere but planet/moon surfaces so you don’t blow right past the thing you wanted to reach at r17 because of a light tap to the throttle.

Really liked your video. :slight_smile:


Thanks Lucas. :relaxed:

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Not everyone has played ED.

Sounds good if they can do it, and it looks like they will be able to. I can see a new type of warp in play for longer distances within the solar system. If they can, then my second part of my proposal is null and void. Just hope the DEVs don’t touch the present warp with too many effects. Probably will need a name change as warp drive is usually associated with tunnel like effects. I suppose they could go with a higher tier ‘warp’ for longer distance and call it Jump Drive Warp or whatever. But either way, it’s kind of a you call it ‘Tomato’ I call it ‘Tomato’ kind of thing which in the end isn’t all that much of an issue - it certainly won’t drive gamers away.

To be honest, I really don’t care if there is a loading screen between systems because it is just dead space anyway, especially when existing systems are so large. But sure, no loading screens in any given system and the option to coast un-powered in between destinations - but in system. Being so large I can’t see how or why anyone would coast from system to system/star to star.

I like the current concept, but I think there are things that need to change. For instance, I don’t think you should be able to leave warp faster than you entered (speaking in absolute speed, relative to the star). I also think using it to decelerate by any significant amount should cause damage, with the damage increasing by amount of speed lost.

I also think it currently accelerates too quickly, but that will depend on the final system design. Smaller solar system means slower acceleration is needed.

Ok. First off thinking about it, I really like most of the aspects of the current “warp” system, and it’s due to gameplay implications I think it needs to be changed a little.
It’s great that it doesn’t remove you from the world. That’s also the main reason “warp” isn’t a fitting name. It uses the same Newtonian physics as normally flying arround in the prototype, this underlines that it really is the same space and physics.

I think the philosophy of using it should change from Activate/Deactivate to Single Burst Burns. Everything else is actually pretty good.
What the “warp” drive actually does is switch you to flight assist mode, take controll of lateral trust away from you and increase max acceleration of all engines to insane numbers, yes all, not just the front and back ones and that’s ok if the interface, the phylosophy changes.

My proposial is to make it simmilar to the boost button. You have to hold it for “warp” to engage and stay active. If you release it the ship returns to normal operation. Also limit it’s use. Maybe allow to enter it in both Flight Assist on and off modes. In On mode it would act like it does now. In off mode you can directly controll the “super acceleration” with your joystick axis or front back buttons.

This could have the drawback that, for balancing reason and enjoyment, the max “in warp” time could be more then twenty seconds. In that case I would stick with a toggle button to not anoy the player but still have it auto switch off after the max time/energy/fuel runs out.

This would encourage people to use it as it actually functions, more of an extension of the newtonian flight system then some totally different system.

Warp needs to be more separate from regular flight. I mean added effects, increased starting speed, and of course what was already mentioned: don’t keep the warp speed when exiting warp.

I’m not much in favor of a jump mechanic (especially not with loading screens). Just provide a warp autopilot (with target destination) and different warp levels (warp 1, warp 2, warp 3).

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I think current “warp” should be renamed to something like “Super Boost” or “Reactor Injection” (anything really) and have interplanetary travel be “warp” where it really removes most controll from the player. Or screw it it could also be called “jump”. I just really would like the ship to not jump but move really fast trough the system.

See this for the system I support for interplanetary flight:

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Yeah, loading screens probably won’t be necessary given Battlescape runs on a procedural engine. Guess as long as there aren’t too many planets visually populating an area we are all good. Just want to keep the present warp visually uncluttered.

I just now watched your video and, wow! I really like it. The outro mixed very well with the end of the song. You should add in the title of the game and put it in the gaming category.

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And post it in reddit and all.

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