Digest Emails Bug

After creating my account I the first thing I did was set my preferences. I disabled digest emails.

However, I have been receiving them weekly. In addition, the emails say I was last seen on 10-17-2013, the day after I created the account. On my profile it says I was last seen ‘just now’.

Ok, I need to update our version of Discourse so hopefully this has already been resolved.

I couldn’t find any mention of it on meta and I haven’t received any digests from the other Discourse installations I have accounts on. It does not appear to be endemic.

Is anyone else receiving digests despite their preferences?

Perhaps you’re the only one who has ever turned it off :wink:


They are also being sent despite the setting “Receive email notifications and email digests even if I am active on the forum” which I think is disabled by default.

Sounds like a phantom account that is registeted with your email. Duplicate?

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Ah how stupid of me.
I completely forgot about the other account I set up for security testing.

Thanks Lomsor.

Keith, you may delete the thread as it is completely in error.

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