Deliver Us the Moon

I saw this kickstarter:

I like the idea, and i backed it. Love Moon games.

What do you think?


I’m already backing way too many games for my wallet’s liking. Maybe I’ll sneak in at the end if I have the money.

I’m up to about 6 with this one. Thought it was worth the €15 early backer pledge.

I like the idea… the atmosphere …
but they have to show bit more to convince me.

To be honest, after Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen, I am pretty kickstarter-out. But looks very cool.

Another game I’ve been waiting for what seems a long time now is ‘Routine’. Another Moon based game which I love the look of. First time game creators and its taking longer than they expected to finish. No early access or backing for this one, just got to wait.


Looks pretty cool, but horror just isn’t my genre. Might give it a try though.

It’s been in development since before work started on Alien Isolation… and it’s still not out ^^

Routine, your referring to I assume. Yeah it has taken far longer than I expected and now with so may other Moon and Space EVA games out or on the horizon.

A space EVA game like ‘Detached’ - Q3 2016 - PvP virtual relality experience -

Almost no info about this one.


waiting for that one too. It evokes those System shock feelings in me.

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i don’t need it.:pensive:

This is making me miss Shattered Horizons

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Yes, what a shame the devs and owners never released the code so the community could update it all and add more maps and HD stuff.


Didn’t shattered horizons get screwed by badly thought out weapon balance patching?

Yes mistakes were made that the devs never reversed. That game could come back now with a HD made over and fresh new maps and all the engine updated. I’d buy into that.

Hmm… maybe someone should make it then… :smiley:

Yeah, I know of an upcoming engine that would be great for it. It got space-oriented physics, great procedural generation for varied spacescape around planets, and you could potentially have hundreds of players…

I was a fan of the ambiance and art direction, and the whole “astronauts turned militia because the Moon exploded” concept, but more generally it’s surprising no-one brought back that kind of 6DoF Newtonian FPS.
What I’d change, though, would be putting a limit to how fast you can turn around - like real EVA suits would (though faster than IRL), and how fast you can aim. This would give more variety between light and heavy weapons.
Also, I would have the hit indicator actually working in 3-D instead of being stuck in a circle, so you know if you are shot at from almost right behind or on your left.

I actually had it all mapped onto my xbox360 controller. Someone helped me work it all out via xpadder since I prefer a controller these days. It was ok to use but the 6dof was tricky. It would be easier on the newer xbox pro controller or similar controller with more buttons and paddles etc.

I did email the devs and the owner of the game rights (2 years ago) but no one was interested in updating the game or releasing the code to the community.

I guess we have Star Citizen now for EVA, well maybe in 2017 when its all more togeteher as a game. And maybe the games above Detached, ‘Routine’. And Tacoma.

Does anyone know of other EVA/Moon games out now (new) or up coming/early access/ kickstarter ?

Scott Manley posted a quick video on Deliver Us the Moon. Its early days and like Infinity, they have a working prototype demo.


I love how much he ridicules everything even while trying not to. Puts his battlescape vid into perspective. ^^