Dark Theme Userscript and CSS for the Forums

There is now an official dark theme you can use without a userstyle or userscript. Simply open your preferences, navigate to the interface tab on the left and select the dark theme. Unfortunately, it also has one small issue, the header and logo become illegable. I’ve created a much (MUCH) smaller userscript that fixes this issue if you want it, it’s 77 lines instead of the 11000 for the old userscript, so if you had performance problems with the old one then this one should be much better: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dvn3q5l3mwzainw/Inovae_forums_dark_header_fix.user.js?dl=0

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Thank you. My eyes just gave you a hi five.


This sounds good, ta. Any chance of a userstyle.org version please. All mine on FF are userstyles. Like the dark version of linustechtips https://userstyles.org/styles/109926/unofficial-ltt-night-theme-3-0

You should be able to use the same file for stylish if you prefer that add-on, but im not sure i want to put this on any of the userscript or userstyle official websites due to the nature of it not really being my own work.

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added it to some random html file, extracted actual CSS with edge and made my own Stylish theme. Works fine.

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I’m not sure I know how to do that. Would you consider PM me the style please.


Ah this is so much better.

Many thanks.

While I prefer the bright theme, I would really suggest that INovae provides some kind of optional Night-Theme for this forum.
Regarding the readability I think this is related to the ambient light in the room one is using this forum. If the room is bright lit, the white theme is much better readable. If the room is dark, the dark theme is better readable.
…both because the dynamic range in the room is not that high and the eyes aren’t getting tired that fast from adapting to bright vs. dark areas.


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The logo needs to be white :open_mouth: :wink:

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yeah that’s a real issue there


Also, it’s hard to tell if you’ve liked a post or not.

Maybe you could try this reader-functionality that is provided with microsoft edge.

I’m glad this is a user feature and doesn’t require the official forum theme to change, white on black is too shocking for my eyes.

I’ve not upgraded to windows 10. Not sure I want to at the moment, am happy enough on 7. I’ve set a reminded for 11 months from launch giving one month then to decide or not to take the free upgrade.

I was thinking more an option for a dark theme at the bottom left of the main forum page, like you get with the Elite forums. And once your logged in it remembers your choice. I use the ‘Elite tempered’ dark and orange’ theme on there.

or for example the dark theme option on Discord. Various levels of dark to mid greys, perfect for my eyes.

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http://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/c/homeworld/remastered-discussion gearbox Homeworld section has a nice theme to it IMO.

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You don’t need to. Firefox already has reader functionality. It’s the book-like icon in your navigation bar, next to the refresh button. You can set it to dark, light or sepia according to your desires, as well as adjust font size.

An official theme would be better, userscripts have trouble with some of discourse's features. Some of the things on the page that get updated dont properly reflect the new styles. Last time there was a thread about this, someone said something about discourse supporting user-chosen themes.

I can probably make a better version of this userscript basing it off the design of the LTT forum one Jonny linked.

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Cool that would be most appreciated. Maybe with all the major background colour values at the top, like overall background, post background, quote background etc. So anyone could then fine tune to their own tastes.

Sometimes I also use a very dark touch of colour to the overall background. Like adding a touch of blue into the dark grey. Gives me a sense of space.

Ah yes so it is, thanks. Sort of useful for long walls of text/articles.

For some reason i thought the LTT forum was on discourse for a second, oops, i cant really use it just being some other forum software.

I’ve updated the file in the OP, the I-Novae logo inverts to white most of the time, but it stays black sometimes due to the quirks with userscripts and discourse updating the page i mentioned earlier. It’s white most of the time though.