Criticism on the Web page


I am also working as a software engineer and I am very familiar with CSS3(e.g. by using less or scss)+HTML5 and jQuery. If someone needs a CSS wizard, just ping me!

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What if we just need a wizard?


Echoing what @zwolff said, there are plenty of people, including myself who have put their hand up for the development position, and some that have even gone ahead made redesigns. I think when their ready, they’ll soon go through and select someone who best meets their criteria and is best suited towards the job.

I’m sure they’ll do a bang-up job


Can’t wait to browse the site on my Palantír.


You won’t find a wizard. He will find you, for he is never late nor early. He just comes precisely when he’s needed.


The thing I miss most from the old forums is how we could see who all was logged in at once. Now we have to individually click on each member to reveal there last seen time. I also find Discourse software to be a struggle when trying to reveal relevant threads to post accordingly. (like this post)

I almost feel as if a new thread could be designated for this post but it’d likely get buried like so many others because the visibility would be practically nonexistent. Maybe The Random Thread could have been suitable. However, the search feature does become useful at times but the old forums had that at it’s disposal and it wasn’t even a key feature! I know the new forums are what they are but it’s just so unorganized.


Quite alright, thanks for the links!


Looks great! Interesting presentation.


I would like to say, keep the ‘corporate’ looking company site on it’s own separate current domain, but separate the game site for Battlescape into another totally separate domain like or something. So I-Novae studios would stay on the current domain with the typical PR, Press, Job, Company Info stuff, with an obvious link like you already have to Infinity Battlescape. But when clicking on the Infinity Link it would take you to a separate domain.

Also I gotta be honest, and my opinion might not really matter to anyone lol, but I absolutely despise the layout and design of these Discourse forums with a passion. I would highly recommend a CMS like XenForo (check out if you do ever decide to do a revamp. Their dev team is really ahead of the game, you can embed hundreds of media types like full imgur albums and they even have advanced stuff like 2-factor authentication right out of the box so you hopefully never have to worry about a hack ever again :wink:

Even though I have a lot of C# and web development experience, my life is crazy right now (as I’m sure you can relate) and I just can’t take on any outside hobby projects at this point.

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It’s allready there:

I’m a Discourse supporter. Just to counterweight a little.

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I like Discord too.

It’s still being very actively developed and if you think you can make something better (like Imgur album one-boxing) you can submit a pull request.

I think the website needs a lot of work/an overhaul, but I’d rather they focus on the game. They’ve asked for a volunteer web developer so we’ll see how that works out.

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I’m kind of disappointed that indiegogo is used for further funding, I looked foward to the dedicated battlescape page. But without a web developer its understandable that they went this way.
I just think a “real” funding site would have been far more convincing than a cloned kickstarter page on indiegogo…

On the topic of web forum + page:
As I understand it, currently the forumsoftware and the main website are not independent from each other, and because of that every minor update is hard. I personally think thats the wrong way to do it. The core of the forum software should never be touched in any way except for updates and patches. Surely there must be a way to extend discourse without messing with its core, and if thats not the case then that kind of sucks ass.
I like discourse a lot from my perspective as a user, but If it is not suitable for extending it then I should be thought about If its still the right tool for the job.

I would really like to hear what their concrete plans for the website are. So far they said the want to build it with Ruby on Rails for the backend, and Ember for the frontend. But I don’t know how the game data comes into play. Will the game servers also run the website? Will the game servers communicate with the website via JSON? Will game data directly be fetched from the game servers by ember? Will the game servers store the user data? Or will the website server store the user data and handle authentication?
How will it all fit together?


They still plan to do their own thing. In the meantime they wanted to have a place for people who “missed the kickstarter” … due to Paypal reasons for instance … to be able to pledge. After all they promised we will be able to upgrade our pledges. Handling payment is really tricky though and something that must not fail in any way. I find it a good intermediate solution, which it is.

The core of discourse hasn’t been alterered significantly. The only thing that has been changed is the login system and account creation, not so much changed but interfaced with. There are a lot of plugins out there that would allow for extension of discourse and writing own ones are easy and don’t need alteration of the core code. What most people forget though, is that discourse has most of the features they ask for in the base package, they only would need to be configured, set up accordingly.

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The dedicated funding page is still in development. IndieGoGo is used for the transition, otherwise we’d have to wait many more weeks which means more lost funding. In fact, I personally think we already missed the boat as there was a lot of people waiting to pledge right after the KS campaign, but have now already turned to other things. Additionally, IndieGoGo gives us additional exposure through a different platform.

Discourse is still new and gets updates very often ( sometimes weekly ) so it’s just not possible to not touch it frequently.

One of the main issues is deployment through azure. I’m not exactly an expert on it ( I don’t handle the website ) but my understanding is that every time you want to update something, even a minor thing like a single line in the website code, you have to create a package and re-deploy the entire thing. There is no way to upload the individual file that has changed. The system is built that way, we can’t do anything about it.

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Maximizing the PR effect of funding success - Ideas gathering thread

I think there are a whole bunch of payment solutions for Ruby on Rails available that do all the hard work.
This one seems to be the most popular:

Using this it should be fairly easy to create a funding page for somebody that has Ruby on Rails experience.

I can only speak from my own experience of course. I work with the Symfony2 framework (its somewhat similar to Ruby on Rails (Rails was one of the insprirations for it)) and integrating payment is with the help of good libraries is really simple.


Hm, that doesn’t sound very nice indeed. I don’t know If thats the exact service you are using but the azure website says:

Continuous deployment with Git, TFS, GitHub, and Visual Studio Team Services

Might be useful:


An Azure App Service Web App is different from Azure Compute Cloud Service, which I think is what INS have.

Edit: I don’t know though… they may have something different.

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@I-Novae: are there any plans to make the official forum design more “spacier” or “futuristic” until 2017? I know this has not high priority but I am a big fan of immersion thorough all modules of a product (website, forum, game).


There currently is no plan to do that due to a lack of resources. Maybe at some point in the future.