[Critical] Combat, Control and Controllers


Finding the combat super difficult. Really needing the extra controller support.

left hand
right hand
and of course trackir

I also expected the assist off to be more ‘rolly’.



It does take quite a while to get used to the combat, stick with it. Controller support is limited currently because we are still in early Alpha. A mouse and keyboard setup is likely a better way to play at the moment, rather than a full flight control set!

What are you finding difficult?

Definitely try with the Mouse and Keyboard first. Remember F9 will bring up the controls at any time.

Default controls though.

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When learning a game I usually stick to Default controls until I have a decent idea on how I want my own controls to be. So far the only changes I’ve made is adding missile and countermeasures to mouse buttons.

“A mouse and keyboard setup is likely a better way to play at the moment”

  • yes I get the feeling the gameplay is currently tuned for a mouse.

What are you finding difficult?

  • for the smaller ship on ship combat, I cannot line up shots
    – being able to configure, dead zone per axis and
    – acceleration per axis, could help here.

  • lack of controller support, i have to put yaw on a joystick hat switch, rather than flight peddles. this is quite tricky … for my mind :slight_smile:


2 x warthog bases
1 x warthog right hand
1 x virpil left hand
1 x crosswind peddles (not in use)
1 x track ir (not in use)

Can’t you configure all of that from the launcher?

More controller support is planed for launch but currently low on the priority list.

If you want to use them now I suggest you look into combining these devices into one using something like vJoy in combination with “Universal Joystick Remapper”.

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Also keep in mind that these are not aeroplanes in space. Joystick for pitch and pedals for yaw isn’t necessarily going to be the optimal control scheme. Just like you wouldn’t use joystick and pedals for Quake - you could, but it wouldn’t be optimal.
Different control schemes are appropriate for different movement mechanics.

I use joystick in left hand for translation (forward/back/left/right/up/down) and roll, and mouse in right hand for pitch and yaw.
I use my joystick and TrackIR via vJoy with a custom build of UJR as mentioned by @Lomsor.

My build of UJR lets me set separate deadzones at each end and middle of each axis, and custom response curves.
Even games with good controller features don’t come close to the customisation I can get with UJR - In games I set the response to linear and deadzones to 0, then do all my customisation in UJR.


Come now @hrobertson, I get what you are saying, but Quake? That’s troll bait. :wink:

I believe that a space mouse is the optimal setup for a 6dof game, even though I have never used one, it fits the criteria pretty well…

Hello All.

I have also played Elite Dangerous and play Star Citizen, I hate Quake :).

I use my arms, legs, head and voice to control a ship. From previous chats with the devs the game can support up to four controllers, just not yet on the GUI.

I have never seen a battlestar galactica, or ‘the expanse’ dog fight using a mouse :).



I don’t get what you’re saying.
Quake was just an example. You wouldn’t use a mouse to control a driving game. You wouldn’t use a steering wheel to control a platformer.

Sure a ‘space mouse’ (or other 6DoF controller with greater travel) would probably be even better, but how many people have them?

@BobHoskinns, Quake is irrelevant. So is your attraction to the popularised image of spaceships being controlled by joysticks. - I’m not against using joysticks (as I said, I use one myself for translation) I’m just pointing out that it’s unlikely to be optimal to use a stick for pitch and yaw, and even less to use pedals for yaw unless you have as fine motor control over your feet as you do over your hands.

Still, you should have the option to, and I look forward to the limitation of 2 controllers being lifted ASAP.

By the way, head over here for how to use TrackIR in-game right now:

Expanse space mouse


It’s an extreme example, playing quake with a joystick, it’s like telling someone to go **** themselves, while what they want to do is pretty damn natural, to play a space airplane game with a joystick and some pedals.

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No my ‘attraction’ is using my whole body to control a ship, effectively. like i can in other contemporary games.

Yes the Quake is irrelevant, that was clear :slight_smile:

Sometimes I use feet for roll, some times yaw. Feet for roll can be quite a joy. Although confusing when you jump from space to WWII.


Thanks for the tip, vJOY and UCR were the solution.

I will give TrackIR a go tomorrow.

Although I was confused after your remarks when I looked down as saw:

  • left hand throttle, right hand joystick and peddles :stuck_out_tongue:

… after 1 min in the little ship…now i feel like a wasp!

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look like little joyssticks to me :slight_smile:

hmm you mention '‘custom’ UJR ?

Sorry, what are you referring to? Looked down where?

The space mouse is effectively a joystick that can also be moved up and down. I doubt it would facilitate the same speed and precision achievable with a mouse.
@Lomsor is the only guy I know of in the community that has one and this is what he said:

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I just set up half my recording equipment when I realised I allready have two archived streams showing it off.

It’s a few updates in the past but it’s pretty much the same when it comes to my setup:

Sometimes my HDMI grabber freezes and my IRL screen just stops. Sorry about that.

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