Credits from Battle Victory bug?

Last battle my team gained 1200 credits, but only me was online, all the credits shouldn’t be mine alone?

If the credits is divided for all member of the team, well 1200 credits / 20 (team list) = 60, but I had about 40 credit and then go to only 65 instead of 100, why?

It is split between players and the AI commander, your share shouldn’t vary according to the number of players I think, so it seems normal.

It is strange for me, maybe because i don’t know the math behind the scene, but if was splited for all commaders even AI of my team, well, the number had to be lesseer than 25 I earned . And if was splited for all winners of that participated in the battle the credits should be greater than 25 credits.

Maybe there is limitation for earned credits.

Each team has 1 AI commander that is responsible for managing the team. All team credits go to it, then some get given to players. It uses the rest to generate NPC ships.