Crash every time I launch

The game crashes every time I launch it. Anyone know how to fix it? This is my first time launching the game.

What are your computer specs ?

Also, if you can send us your log and crash / dump files located in C:\Users\XXX\Documents\I-Novae Studios\Infinity Battlescape\Logs by email to contact(at) we’ll have a look, thank you.

I managed to get it to work on another computer I have. But now I’m having a problem logging in for the first time. I’ve tried creating an account, but it says I already have one. But I can’t log into it or figure out the Pw it’s using. I tried to change the PW then it told me I couldn’t because of the Steam account.

That part is on @INovaeKeith :point_up:

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Did you just buy the game on Steam or did you pledge previously and you’re trying to claim the pledge?

Purchased through Steam.

You do already have an account or else you wouldn’t be able to post here :p. According to our records you created your account using Facebook login - which is why you can’t reset your password (you don’t have one to reset). I don’t see a Steam account associated with your account so I cannot see if it’s already associated with a different account but if this is the only account you have then you just need to log into the game via Facebook. If for whatever reason that doesn’t work you can link your Steam account to your I-Novae account on our website and that should resolve the problem.

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